Life is a journey, not a destination, how often we have come across such wonderful quotes in our daily lives. We read with great admiration but soon forget. And we reason out, our busy schedule not allowing us to follow those ideals. When we have a ton of thoughts weighing on our minds, the so-called targets, to-do list, responsibilities and commitments to be fulfilled, we tend to ignore and overlook little aspects of life that make up our days. We navigate through phases unaware.

But life has its own way to teach us its lessons and there comes a time where life takes the charge. We simply fall into the pattern of discovering ourselves.

Lessons we learn from our journey of life are:

1. As we grow our world expands. New people, new targets and new surroundings replace the old ones. None can be our lifetime support or help. It is only we for ourselves.
2. Responsibility and emotions go hand in hand. We just cannot give in or give up. All we need to do is to control our emotions to have that desired outcome, if only we wish for it.
3. Package of life are moments of happiness, sadness, anxiety, dullness, monotony, frustrations, hatred, fulfillment, peace and voids. It is perfectly okay to go easy on ourselves especially when we feel the journey unpleasant.
4. Letting go of the people, our past and grudges is the only way to move on and it is never difficult if we put in little efforts. There, we emerge much stronger and confident.
5. Nothing is permanent. Each day, each moment, each instance, each person we encounter will just pass by us. Everything comes with a validity period and lifespan.
6. Everything that happens for a reason and there always will be lessons to be learnt, be it an instance or a person.
7. The more we resist the more complicated things turn out. So, being calm during tough times is important to regain balance.
8. Everything that matters, is our way of thoughts. Haven’t we all come across certain situations, when we are happy, the toughest situations too turn out to be in our favour.
9. Enjoyment in life is nothing but the inner peace. This enlightenment dawns only during midlife.
10. Happy moments are in those little things of our daily lives than something very significant.
11. Wealth and money is just one part of life. Good health and mental peace are two necessities of life.
12. People come and go, emotions comes and leaves and money earned and spent. The one thing that is constant is our principles. After all, we need to face ourselves at the end of our day.
13. We neither can be someone else nor can we live for someone. It is for ourselves we need to live.
14. No matter how hard we try to learn from other’s experiences, it is only our experiences that teach us our lessons of life.
15. The greatest achievement in life is to simply fulfill our responsibilities abiding by not the rules of the society but our self-made rules.
16. Accept ourselves with all our flaws and strengths. Just as other people cannot be changed, we too have our own temperaments. Hence, being comfortable in our own skin can help us be happy, living a content life.
17. With the art of balancing, be it, people, emotions or responsibilities, we can fit in perfectly in the society.
18. There will be n number of reasons to regret, to complain or to be disappointed in life. However, nothing much really matters, expect we for ourselves.
19. Life is all about evolution. We evolve each moment. It is just not a result, rather a process. Life is all about constant change and adaptability.
20. Our reaction is the only thing that can ruin or restore a certain situation. The decision is up to us.

The journey of life brings us closer to a truth that life is a pleasant journey only if you allow it to be. It is not from where we come, it is where and how we reach. So, why make it tough for ourselves considering the past? When we all have just one life, why can’t it be a fun ride?

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