Inspired by What Pegmen Saw – Speculative Fiction

My contribution and Participation in creative writing challenge – Speculative Fiction Genre

What Pegman SawI remember thinking, I probably need a few more days to know where exactly my life was heading.  Eight long years had already gone by though, life seemed clueless.  I was still struggling to find some meaning in my relationship I shared with my partner, for he still seemed to be a stranger to me.  Should I stay or quit, the question had lurked in the darkness of the night.  Three hours, I had been staring at the sea to find some clue about my future.

The waves forming huge crests laced with froth rushed through seamlessly.  Roaring, hitting the rocks, just as one returned the other came crashing, more rigorous and rugged.  Up above, in the infinite meadows, little twinkling stars blossomed silently, one by one.  There, I had figured it out.

Light too has to traverse through different layers of turbulent atmosphere to light up the night sky.

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  2. J Hardy Carroll

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