The cool pleasant silence of the house seeped into every cell of her being. This was her, ‘me time’, the time to introspect about dodged situations of life, guilt rides, regrets, unfulfillments, and discontentment. Walking to her most preferred place in the house as she settled in her easy chair, she brought to fore the baffling questions which lay beneath the veil of her calm demeanour. The daunting and haunting melancholy. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to figure it out, the reason and the solution.

Closing her eyes, she patiently waited for the up-surging chain of thoughts to pass by. And when she was just about to give in, a strange sense enveloped her. A sense of freedom from the clutches of demands, of expectations, of dreams, of hopes. Acceptance, she realized is the only solace and the only solution.

Average, she had always referred to her life and so was it. And quite obviously the average events did not bring extremes, good or bad. She is and was sailing through safely with the law of averages, yet another realization dawned on her.

With opportunities to explore, keeping one going, wouldn’t life be full of happenings? She said to herself. Closing the doors of the thoughts, she smiled, a smile of content. The smile unearthed her vigor to trust herself and love life again. A foreordained will, destiny’s decree, her piece of life to be lived!

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