I know not

I know not what I am in search of
All I can understand is there is something more
More to what, I do not know
But I keep moving on and on and on.

Everywhere I look, each one I see
I see people busy and occupied
Deeply engaged and immersed in their respective worlds
Oblivious to the happenings around.

Ages of all groups,
Men, women and even creatures
Joy and hope hang around them
Thick and slick.

But why am I deprived, I wonder
I cannot fathom
Tangling hopelessly, I end up in a mess
I hate every cell of my body to be so

Am I? Do I?
And in the midst of chaos
A stark contrast looms large before me
No. I am not, my alter ego answers.

My alter ego is the only one who I can say is just mine
Who stays with me through thick and thin
Who never fails to make its presence felt
In the nick of the time.

It is then my thoughts ramify deep
Dawning a new realization
It was all my choices made and decisions taken
And lived up to.

Compelled to change colours
Complying to the demanding situations
Having trodden this far, fulfilling my responsibility
I am tired to the core.

A little more to go, my dear
My alter ego whispers, recharging me
And I happily surrender to the intervening destiny
To my future ahead, what is in store, I know not!

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