With tasks accomplishing
Targets and goals blurred
Were those my responsibilities
Or my dreams fulfilled?

With meticulous planning and execution
Every minutia broke its record
Was it my efficiency and experiences
Or my acquired skills?

With perfection setting new standards
In each and every manoeuvre
Were those just coincidences
Or my conscious efforts?

With every end result, resulting in fruition
Situational demands, I reassure myself
I am neither an expert nor an enthusiast
But a woman, a go-getter and an aspirant.

Aspirant, a go-getter or an enthusiast
Am I or was I, I doubt myself now
Only to realize, it was all my past
But what am I now?

With reality hitting hard
I come to my terms
To everything I had been
But more importantly, a mother.

It is not just that, my inner voice harping
I reason out that I am a wonder woman
An achiever who can go beyond the horizon
To live my dreams.

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