If you have traveled on a flight, you must have heard the announcement that in the case of emergency put on the oxygen mask yourself before you help your co-passengers. Many of us have tendencies to put ourselves at last and mostly this is a great thing. But, in many facets of life, just like in an airplane, it is crucial to think about you before others. Relationships, for example, develop this tendency in certain individuals to cater to the needs and well-being of your partner so much that they tend to completely ignore their own emotional well-being. A healthy relationship is healthy only as long as both the partners are mutually and equally involved without one partner’s emotional needs getting side-tracked. It is quite simple actually – Unless you are happy yourself and value yourself in a relationship, you can’t really make another person happy. Some are adept in valuing a relationship so much that they can completely forget their own worth.

Let’s take a look at how you can focus and value yourself in a relationship:

  • Self-care“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” – For a healthy relationship to thrive, and to value yourself, it is absolutely essential that you maintain proper self-care. This is not in relevance to your emotional needs, but your basic physical needs too. Proper sleep, balanced diet, enough rest, less stress and any kind of physical exercise will really help to keep you fit and healthy. If these basics are not taken care of, you will feel the stress draining out the best of you and eventually it will affect your relationship too.
  • Joy of small thingsTake a little time off every day to connect to something you really like doing. Maybe a hobby that you had given up due to lack of time, maybe shopping or yoga. Or anything that helps you turn yourself off from the chores and gives you some space to be with yourself. Give yourself a little treat every now and then as you need a break too at times. Taking a long warm bath. Or going for an evening walk in the park. Even a bar of chocolate can restore your emotional reserve and make you cheerful.
  • MeditateMeditation is one of the most effective ways to maintain a peace of mind. It works as an amazing stress-buster and helps rejuvenate your health as well as freshens up your mind. Regular meditation is very effective in shaping up and channelizing your emotions and stress in the best possible way.
  • TimeTime is the best gift that one can give, or rather the best gift you can give yourself. No matter how busy your schedules are and irrespective of how stressful your day has been, always keep a little time separate for you to sit by yourself. Read that book you have been dying to read or listen to music that you can relate to. Or simply sit and reflect on your daily activities, short-term and long-term goals. Spending a little time with yourself will help you organize your thoughts and wishes. Contribute hugely to help you value yourself in a relationship.
  • Be your best friendAnytime you have a negative thought or when in doubt, be your own best friend. Talk to yourself and weigh the pros and cons like your friend, sister or mother would do. Motivate yourself and remind how much you contribute to a relationship.

Rough patches in any relationship crop up many a time and can shake up your long-term relationship. However, value yourself and let go off the past graciously to move ahead.

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