“If given an opportunity to rewind and do over your life back to a particular moment that you regret now for the decision you have taken back then, what would you do?” My hard-hit-teen child asked while we were working in the kitchen. The words dived me back to those moments, not one but countless. Especially to those particular moments of regret.

“Did you hear what I said?”

Came a demanding question. I had heard it clear and loud. I was struggling to find a right answer – what and when exactly things starting getting wrong. Her curious gaze was still fixed on me. I had to come up with some convincing response, she being a teenager.

“None,” I said firmly.

I had not lied. With my analytical mind taking over the charge of analyzing, I realized I had already embarked on my journey of turning my regrets into opportunity.

Below are the ways how I turned my life around into a life well lived

1. Accept life

Life is a roller coaster ride. Each one of us has our own shares of struggles and happiness.
Complaining and whining are what most of us do and that is what attracts us to negativity. While we fulfill our responsibilities, why allow the disappointments overpower us? I accepted my life and started sailing with the flow without opposing. Gratitude was the outcome.

2. Take charge

We often end up regretting some wrong decisions. But those “Bad” decisions are our opportunity to master the art of self-forgiveness. It takes us on to a new level of emotional evolution. I took charge of my decisions to make it right.

3. Smart Decisions

As we age, we mature. Being responsible individuals, we need to decide on every little aspect of daily lives. What else could be the best teacher than the lessons learnt from the experiences of life? I could foresee every failed decision of my past was turning out to be a successful one. I forged ahead to quit my corporate career and took up writing, a way to vent out my emotions.

4. Re-evaluating attitude

How we treat ourselves is how the world views us. Ensuring us that we are able to make the most of every situation reflects our attitude pushing us stretching our limits. I started working on my new venture of coming up with a book. Procrastination, peeping in every now and then, was one tough thing I had to deal.

5. Set new intentions

Refining ourselves anew can help us bring out the hidden best in us. Tiny goal settings for day-to-day lives guide us and get us on to a different realm. That was how I took my writing to a newer level and finished my first draft of my dream book.

6. Goal setting

Once you start exploring, working on what you love, you see a change in your outlook on life. The result is a clear vision of your future. I had figured out my future. By then I had my second book published. I had tasted the feel of a real achievement. I knew writing was one thing that not only kept me sane but also changed me a lot for good.

7. Look out for opportunity

Challenges are what keep life going. And what could be more challenging than wild dreams? That is what sets us on our journey to seize opportunities. And here, I am on my new journey of blogging and so is my participation in the challenges, be it Ultimate blog challenge, or a WOW prompt of blogadda and some others.

Now, having come so long, the question really did not matter or bother as I am now living my dream life.

If the world is finally packing up and I was given a time span to give back my feedback form, I would look back with a gleaming smile and an ‘all is well that ends well’ picture is what I would see. A life well lived!

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