The very interpretation of zero is void, the utter absence of anything and everything. It is referred to the emptiness in mathematics. And in physics, it is an equilibrium state, a state where there is no motion. Likewise, there comes a point in our lives too when days comes to a complete standstill. Emptiness or an equilibrium state, either way! Moments tend to cease, time seems to fail to tick by and there you stand stranded, all alone, struggling your battle to find your way out. Life seems to become a complete Zero. The myth of fact, rebirth story of eagles explains it all. Eagles go through a process of transformation. It breaks off its beak and rips of its feathers and waits for them to grow back. Then starts a new begin of life.

Likewise, each one of us has our zero points in our lifetime. For some, it may be one while for others there may be quite a few. Just as a zero before a digit doesn’t make any sense whereas a zero after a digit has a value, each failure can add on values to our lives. Perhaps, each failure becomes a stepping stone for success. We have been listening and coming across awe-inspiring stories of successful people, what seems to be a fairy tale for most of us. But a closer look at what they went through, can make us realize hard-to-believe facts. They all had that zero point in their lives and it was during those times when they had lost everything and had to literally start from a scratch, a complete beginning.

Here’s how you can turn around your life from zero to hero:

  • If life for you is changing, rather the days have stopped, identifying the feelings is the first step to take charge. Having the desire to change can lead you to find an answer to what and where exactly you want to head.
  • Own your responsibility. Accept yourself with all your flaws and strengths. Focus on your emotions. Stop judging yourself.
  • Make a note of what areas you need to work on or what changes have to be integrated into your daily lives to bring in that change you wish for.
  • Accept the little challenges of your daily lives. Look out for opportunities, don’t let go off them.
  • Rome was not built in a day. Be patient. Take one at a time and deal with each day. Try reshaping your days as per your wish.
  • Make a conscious choice to change your perspective. See circumstances differently. Accept the new outlook of your life.
  • Let loose your mental traps about your past and your fears or doubts.
  • Do things differently. Bring in little changes in every routine. Change the monotonous lifestyle.

Now, with the late 20s turning into early 40s, the potential threat of zero point is early on compared to population of yesteryear. Life style, competitions, digital era, etc could be the cause. However, beating it right in time, can save you from emotional, physical and financial drain.

Embrace your second chance at life and start writing on the totally blank slate, who you want to be or what you want to achieve or how would you want to see your future self, and fill in your wishes for your slice of life. Turn around your life from zero to hero!

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