Teenage is an age of change, growth, vitality and development. During this period the personality of the child shapes up. Hence, handle it with care. Vacation is a great time to engage them in some useful activities. Detached from the busy school schedule, their little brains are at rest and are filled with full of energy. Tap their potential. What else could be the best time than a vacation? Take the best advantage of vacation and spend time with your teen. With most families, having working parents, vacation is the only time to bring out the best versions of a teen.

Here are some effective ways to spend time with your teens and make the best out of the vacation.

  • Nowadays children are gadget oriented. They enjoy playing computer games. Parents should try to spend time keeping in mind the interests and preferences of their children. This will help in developing a bonding and a better connection is set.
  • Teens are in their developing stage. Hence, they enjoy taking responsibilities. Involve your child in planning and organizing and give them the responsibility. If you are planning a trip, let them decide the destination or even booking the tickets. Age appropriate responsibilities build their self-esteem.
  • Due to increasing career pressure and competitions, children rarely get time for physical activities. Engage them in some physical activities like trekking, boating, or an outdoor game. It helps by developing sportsmanship in children.
  • Arrange a family get-together or meet-up with your friends. The nuclear setup of fame loosens the family bonding becomes strong and children get to learn to socialize. Interaction with people helps to develop a child’s character. A child’s communication skills improve.
  • Children enjoy movie it is a good idea to watch a movie. It will be productive as well as entertaining. It helps the two of you’ll get closer, adding on the important element of transparency, what is important in today’s technology-driven world.
  • Add in some creativity. Their busy schedule and hectic academics refrain them to take up on their creative activities. Vacation is the time of doing something much more constructive. It can be doing some crash course along with their parents. This would develop soft skills in children.
  • Some love adventures. Hiking, paragliding, river rafting are the best. During this age, children are inclined towards a new experience. This quest for adventure will bring satisfaction and help in overall development of the child.
  • Some children like spending time at home and are a big time foodie. Involve your child in your kitchen work. Guide them to cook some simple dishes.
  • Including household chores in their routine can help them understand what teamwork is. It also helps them understand the value of money.

Teenage being the most rebellious and confusing times for kids, it is important for parents to understand their psychology and reciprocate their thoughts and feelings. Let your teen take the upper hand during the vacation. This will help them grow into a responsible and mature individual. Spend time with your teens and mold their raw minds. If done with care, it is the most enjoyable journey of parenting.

If you think I missed out on any points, please do feel free to mention it in the comments below.

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