Every child is unique and absolutely special in their own way. Ask parents whose child is battling mild disorders, they will tell you that if anything, special needs of children with mild disorders makes them even more loveable. But while parenting a child with mild disorder, you must be very careful and alert all the time. The well-being of their young one emotionally is important. If you are parenting a child with mild disorder, your struggle is more inclined towards teaching your kid new things.  Honing their social skills are a little difficult with mild disorders working against them.

While most parents do their best to work around the problems, every parent at all point of time must remember that if the child is having difficulty in grasping or learning something new, it is not their fault. Mild disorders might be restricting the child’s development or progress but your kid is never the root cause. Be patient and never blame the kid – this is parenting 101.

Let’s discuss few other ways that can help parenting a child with mild disorder.

· Involvement

Children with mild disorders tend to drift away at times in their own little world.  They will take it as a great sign if parents get more and more involved with their daily activities. This does not mean you have to do exactly the things that your child likes to do as well. But at least you should be encouraging him/her and paying attention to the details. If your child loves playing a game, at least ensure you show active interest in it.  Encourage them to share their little achievements in the same. Discuss things that they do and gradually you will find your child trying to share a lot with you. Remember, it is a two-way street. More you handle your kid’s queries, more he is likely to look up to you for everyday needs and advises. This can be extremely beneficial while parenting a child with special needs.

· Communication

Communication is an inevitable aspect of your parent-child bonding. When your kid is having trouble learning new things or zoning out and losing focus, nothing helps than your communication. Make sure you are spending enough time not just partaking in their activities but also in communicating, talking to them. Be it anything or may be things in general. Talk to them about anything and everything and encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions all the time. This positive communication fuels their zest to focus on things. They also develop a strong bond where they feel secure and comfortable without letting their disorders hamper their growth.

· Social Media

Give your child adequate exposure to social media. This is to match steps with the present internet-dependent society.  This is also a small step towards encouraging them to socialize more with people. The more activity they do and more interests they develop, the lesser they are prone to let their mild disorders affect their emotional health too.

· Patience

Parenting a child with mild disorders can be tough but always remember patience is the key to good parenting. Your child might make a lot of mistakes of embarrass you at times. Don’t lose hope – be calm and patient while educating them about your expectations and socially acceptable behavior.

Parenting a child with mild disorder can be easier, giving them your positive attention.

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