What is Life? What is Happiness? Haven’t we all asked ourselves these at some point in our life? Some of the brave few have even garnered the courage to Google it. Maybe that kind of a search has landed you on this page where you are spending some more time trying to find rhetoric answers. To live a meaningful and fulfilling life! Most of you reading this article, I assume are mainly of two types. One consists of people who are just curious. The second kind of individuals is those who are legitimately helpless. And have chosen the Internet, today’s digital Holy Grail, to guide them in life. To you guys, I offer my heartfelt condolences and maybe a sympathetic hug!

To live a meaningful and fulfilling life, little things matters. Here’s the three basics to be looked into:

  1. Be yourself
    While having an argument with a young man once, I lost my cool. This guy has asthma, and yet he smokes a cigarette or two now and then. The reason behind this was his desire to gel well with his college buddies. Well, in my opinion, it is nothing but stupid to think friendship comes at the expense of health. But, that’s beside the point. The thing is we all push ourselves to be like others, either knowingly or unknowingly. We might not like to acknowledge this. But here I am, a perfect stranger, asking you, for once, not to lie to yourself. If your answer is a stout “no,” well, you’re freaking awesome! If you do relate, don’t be ashamed of it because it is normal. But, you should try your best to come out of it, find others who are like you. You can reach out to the Mother Google and search for support groups. Remember, help is just a click away. All you need to do is, well, click.
  2. Keep yourself busy
    The easiest way to live a meaningful and fulfilling life is to move your lazy behind and get a job. More you keep your mind busy; lesser it will ponder over such unnecessary thoughts. But, only if life was so easy! To make sure that this situation doesn’t gobble you up, inculcate some habits. This will help you to get out of this screwed up situation. One such is going for morning walks or joining a yoga session. Fix up sometime and meet up with some real buddies who are broke like you or even more. This particular aspect is critical. If you don’t have such friends, hire some who can pretend. But, oh! You’re broke.
  3. Be in the real world
    Talking about life, there is something very crucial to talk about – mobile phones. One of the deadliest stuff on the planet after nuclear wastes and relationships is mobile phones. They not only make us legitimately broke but also snatch away precious time from our hands. We spend hours texting our friends which could have been used fruitfully actually to socialize with them. They make us lazy. They bathe us in radiation, shower us with “loves,” “likes” and “lols” and makes us happy – so happy, only to make us extremely conscious about our public image (making us artificial and pretentious mainly)

Did you smirk at that? Well, that’s the harsh reality, isn’t it? While we make our hair turn gray trying to figure out the meaning of life as we know it and how to win at life, the answer is pretty basic. Life is meant to be lived and lived happily, a truly meaningful and fulfilling life. This is precisely how to live a great life because that is what happiness is all about. All that matters is how many people’s face are you brightening up with a smile.

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