What is Peer pressure?

Each one of us struggles to fit in ourselves in the group with whom we spend most of our time in a day. Appreciation, attention, and importance, is what everyone strives for. And, in the process, we try to change ourselves, be it dressing or talking or even a small gesture becomes a great matter of concern. This struggle to make our places in the group is peer pressure. Adults are able to draw a fine line, distancing themselves from the pressure.

But teen peer pressure is the most tough time for parents and for the child as well. To fit in their circle of friends is the biggest challenge for them. It is the time of their life when they are on their way to forming an identity; they are battling with the confusions within them.

However, these five effective ways can help you deal with your teen peer pressure:

  1. Connect with your child
    Communication is the most important part in parenting especially with teens. Listening to them attentively and getting to know your child is essential. Be patient and keep a check over your emotions. Allow your teenager to open up. When you child feels comfortable you get know the details of their little world. Converse directly. Rather than allowing peer pressure affecting negatively, with discussion and communication, you can steer your child towards positivity.
  2. Involve in your child’s life
    Team with your child in some healthy activities. Making your child feel that you are always with them, he/she can never feel isolated. With you, in every step, they gain confidence and share every detail of their day-to-day events. They seek support in you by sharing their so-called secrets. And there, you are with the best knowledge of all what’s going on in your child’s life.
  3. Teach your teen to say NO.
    Social acceptance being the concern, your child can never say ‘No’. Educate your child on the pros and cons of agreeing to their friend all the time. Teach them how to respond to a peer and handle situations. Being humourous is a good strategy. Suggest them the ways for a polite NO. Helping your child to understand what can be received and followed, and what can be neglected, your child is able to stand up for him/her self.
  4. Integrating Family time in the routine
    Friends come first for a teenager. Hence, it is important to make your child understand that family is equally important. Integrating family time with fun filled activities can help the child understand the value of the family. Help them take up their hobbies as keeping them busy their energy levels soar. Proper channelizing can help them shift their focus away from peer pressure. A child attached to the family can easily overcome the difficult times.
  5. Empower your child
    Allow your child to decide on certain things. Appreciate when they succeed. Empowering them boosts their self-esteem. And a teenager with high self-esteem has his/her own identity. With your backing support, your child has a high confidence level. A teenager filled with positive thoughts can easily understand their course of action to avoid or face peer pressure.

To sum up, dealing with teen peer pressure needs a balanced love and logic!  Read six must-do things being a parent of a teenager and parenting styles of today to know more.

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