Many women have gone through this phase of feeling used by other men. It leaves a sickening feeling at the core of your heart and leaves a greasy pit in the stomach. Figuring out that you have been played can wreck your self-esteem and can break you down disastrously. It is important to know how to fight back this feeling as well as regain your self-confidence. Know that you are not alone and that this is not a reason to let your life come to a halt. You should instead stand up tall and strong, rebuild your broken heart and probably try to identify these typical men who can make you feel like you are being used so that you can steer clear of them. It is not at all as easy as it sounds and probably will take immense time and effort but at the end of it, it is you who comes out a strong winner.

Here are few tips for those women, if you are trying to battle the feeling of being used.

  • Take it as a lesson
    People learn from their mistakes and this is one such example. Don’t let a sour relationship or bad phase break you down, instead look back at it and try to figure out what went wrong. You have to take it objectively and brutally point out and acknowledge the warning signs that you may have previously ignored. This will immensely help you figure out any repetition of the past in your future and you can save yourself without any damage at all.
  • Channel it
    Although this doesn’t seem like the best thing to do in your head, it is better to find an outlet to your pent up anger and disappointment rather than letting it consume you. Find an activity where you can channelize your emotions into doing something productive. Join a gym; take up new physical activities or anything that can physically exhaust you. Not only will it help you keep fit, but also keep your mind and body busy leaving least scope for the negativity to creep in. You can take up talking to your friends about your feeling too. Sharing always helps regain your calmness and helps you feel a little-relieved knowing you have someone to care for you.
  • Vent it out
    When you are heartbroken and feel like you have been used by someone, the feeling is miserable. It is a cacophony of emotions and without knowing what to do about it, many women often let it consume themselves. Turning away from the situation or blindsiding it will not make things any better and instead, you are just letting someone else decide how your life will be. Vent out the anger and frustration – shout, cry, whisper, scream or maybe punch a bag. Do whatever it takes, but it is necessary to get those emotions out of your system to start fresh.
  • Forgive and forget
    Forgiveness might be the last thing in your mind but this step is for your own benefit. Carrying a grudge with you will tie you down with the negativity of the past. Harboring such grudges will never let you completely move on and that is the worst thing you can choose in this delicate phase. Forgive the person whether deserving or not to find your closure, cut all ties and move on. This will help you be a strong, confident, independent woman.
  • Look Forward
    This is not the end of life and the world around you is literally full of possibilities. Look forward to living – Move on and do better!

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