There are times in our life when we feel intense mixed emotions rushing at once. Triggers could be the deadline for the target for an employee or an examination date or announcement of result for a student or an unexpected guest for dinner at short notice, or even an argument with your significant other. Fear, happiness, what-ifs, our future or our past, all happen to come over us at once. Our brains flailing with random thoughts, feeling inadequate, becomes weak and is unable to decide. We struggle against the emotions finding out ways to step down our intensity of feelings. But fail to come out with solutions.

Here are the step-by-step guide to help you deal with your overwhelming emotions:

  1. Understanding our feelings
    The first and the foremost step is to identify your emotions. It is normal for a responsible person to be overwhelmed, especially considering the busy life schedule. The endless demanding situations by work, by family, by children, family matters, financial matters, we tend to feel overwhelmed. Tackling everyday challenges of life, we are bogged down by sophisticated life. Understanding and accepting the fact that it is we, with our thoughts who contribute to the emotions, we can take charge to tame our emotions.
  2. Challenge yourself
    The changing times change the situations. So does our emotions too. The looming overwhelming emotions poising fear has already taken us in its embrace. And the mind is processing the failures. Instead of surrendering ourselves, let’s contradict our negative emotions. Let’s challenge ourselves.
  3. Pull out ourselves from our mind’s trap
    The inner conflict in our mind fighting against the emotions, with negative emotions dwelling in us we tend to be frantically busy or procrastinate, or do things clumsily. The result is poor output highlighting our inefficiency. It is time to stop and give ourselves a break. Distraction from our busy schedule helps us silence our mind.
  4. One thought at a time
    Get out a pen and a paper and list out all the things we need to do. Prioritize. Breaking down each task into small chunks, marking a deadline to every little task paves way. We are prone to the overwhelming feelings. Let’s take control and keep ourselves away from the overwhelming feelings.
  5. Start working on the action plans
    One at a time, with a small step, time to start working on our tasks. Start small and slow. Pick-up the to-do list and check it as and when we are done with, sticking to our deadlines. Let’s not be harsh on ourselves. A little of flexibility can add value and boost us with motivation.
  6. Rewarding after accomplishing
    Success is not easy to come by, be it a small task or a big task. Hence acknowledging our achievement is important. Rewarding ourselves can help us with that extra energy. A little break and relaxation clears our minds and helps us to stay motivated.

Human tendency is we easily get swept up in an emotion and end up in the ways that we never had thought of. Rather than allowing the uncontrollable emotions trap us, we should take control of our emotions. By controlling our emotions we can have control over our lives. Our wise brains are weirdly wired. Once we identifying the symptoms, our focus automatically shifts on considering the possible solutions. If left unidentified you let fear take over your rational brain and the result can be devastating.

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