One of the most common problem in teenagers is lying.  Smart parenting is the key.

Teenagers easy and the only way to find an escaping path are by lying. Teen years of a child are the most frustrating and confusing times for parents. Parenting becomes difficult dealing with lying teens. However, being a parent it is our duty to deal with the problem maturely. Before we get into the details, it is important for all the parents to know that a lie does not always mean a child is up to something dangerous.

Here are effective step-wise guidelines to deal with a lying teenager:

  1. Be sure that your child has lied.
  2. Analyze and try to figure out your version of your child lying.
  3. Before initiating the discussion, make sure that your child knows that you are aware of him/her lying.
  4. Give your child some time to initiate the talk. If nothing seems to work out, make it clear to your child that you have to discuss with him/her something very important.
  5. Before discussing, build in a friendly ambiance so that your child can easily open up.
  6. Keep your calm. There is every chance of you being impatient. Screaming and blaming cannot fetch you anywhere. Hence, patience is the only way to overcome the problem and come out with a solution.
  7. Be open and straightforward. Keep a check on your overwhelming emotions.
  8. Narrate some of your childhood instances and give your child a feeling that lying is not a sin. It is something that everyone does in their lifetime. Here it is to make your child admit their mistake. Do not ever blame them.
  9. Wait for some time. Your child may be struggling with guilt and may not be finding the right expression. Do not panic.
  10. If your child is not yet coming out with an explanation, it is now time to start directly, making it simple.
  11. Let your child feel comfortable. Make sure that your child knows that you are with them to help and guide.
  12. If your teenager opens up listen to him carefully. Have an eye-to-eye contact. Let your body language convey that it should never repeat.
  13. Try to know why your child has lied. Let the child tell in detail the reason for his/her lying.
  14. Now that you know the reason, analyze the situation and figure out why your child chose to lie. The reasons can vary from normal to something serious.
  15. Explain the importance of trust factor to your child. Tell them what it means between the two of you. Come out with a solution and gain your child’s confidence.
  16. Work towards your plans to bring out the change.
  17. Keep reviewing the status periodically. Reward your child for any positive changes
  18. Keep the rule-books going.

Teenage being one of the most crucial years of your child’s life and in your life too as a parent, you need to examine every move of your child.  Instances can challenge you with unpredictability, questioning you about your parenting efficiency and your parenting style.  To sum up, communication and reinforcement, and knowing your teenager are a few vitals of parenting a teenager.

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