The Daily post prompt -Security, what is it to feel secured in life?

Security is a feeling of safety and comfort, be it with people, circumstances or even ambiance.  The very interpretation of feeling secured is related to emotions as it is the experience one undergoes.  Every one of us in each phase of our lives experiences security and sometimes insecurity.  And it is not just human beings, even the animals go through their share of feeling secure and insecure.

If it is the looming result for a student, it is the financial crunch for a bread earner.  And for those who are in love, it is the fear of rejection from their partner.  The anxiousness that runs through us or the panic attacks we get is nothing but insecurities.

In this fast-paced world, where we all are always on the go, with changes constantly happening around us, we end up feeling insecure.  Why is it so? Do we ever really think about the causes?  Rather, we emphasize on our next course of actions.  Instead, if we take one step back and relax, probably we all can overcome this anxiety and this is where we generally fail.  We fail to understand that we are not confident of ourselves and that is the very reason of feeling insecure.

Feeling certain about ourselves and by stopping to self-doubt on our abilities, we can definitely help ourselves see our goals clearly.  Our brain is wired in such a complicated way that it often registers what it has heard from others or hooks up to the past experiences and whenever we encounter the same situation, the thoughts registered restricts us, limiting our actions.  Unfortunately, such is our strange human tendency.

A simple illustration of showcasing the insecure feeling could be when you slip in a finger in the small palms of a new-born child, don’t you feel the warmth of the little clutch?

Another instance we all experience in our daily lives is when we feel uncomfortable in an outfit, we see people staring at us oddly.  Yes, I so knew that I look weird, we tell ourselves or to the one who is with us.  It indeed is an assurance what we give to ourselves.  But the truth is, nobody really cares about us.  It’s all a mind game.  Hence, instead of giving in, why not choose to let go our ill feelings and just stop bothering what others think of us?

The security or the insecurity is nothing but an illusion.  Delving a little deeper, let’s assume we know our futures.  That, of course, is a secure feeling.  But will there be any excitement in life? Is that life?  Can life be lived without any twists and turns or risks and adventures?

I am sure, life would be stale and we would be living the life of a zombie.

Certainty, is sure a security, but what if we are a little uncertain about some events of our life?

Don’t we all like cheerleaders while we watch cricket or any other game?  Don’t we all flirt or try to impress the ones we like or love, just to get some attention?  What if we knew we would have them in our lives?  Would there be any excitement?

Uncertainty, imperfections, and mistakes make our life complete and perfect – a simple funda to feel secured in life.


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