Since times unknown, the celestial bodies in the sky has fascinated men who time and again have tried to decipher how the stars can help map the events and occurring of future. Men have been intrigued by this concept. They have tried to read the alignments of celestial bodies so much so that they had even built temples and structures to study them. It is an arguable debate why most people consider astrology to be the first science, which has its root of existence even before physics or chemistry. It is said to be where science and spirituality meets and innumerable time men have tried to make and break this notion.

Irrespective of popular beliefs, astrology has a unique balance between science and spirituality. They both go hand in hand.

Connection to human body

We believe, what binds the cosmos together is the connection between the signs and various parts of human body. Spiritual healing enlightens us about the various chakras in human body which are basically energy zones.  They influence the mood, nature, behavior etc. Similarly, we all are acquainted with the various zodiac signs, sun and moon signs. Each zodiac sign not only plays an active part in defining the person you are. It also significantly represents certain parts of our body. Let’s take a look at the various signs and the body parts it represents.

• Aries – Represents the face and head.
• Taurus – Symbolizes neck and throat region.
• Gemini – Represents nervous system, arms, lungs and head.
• Cancer – Related to stomach and chest.
• Leo – Signifies heart, spinal cord and back.
• Virgo – Represents intestines, gall bladder, liver and pancreas.
• Libra – Associated with kidneys, lower back parts and adrenal glands.
• Scorpio – Represents urinary and reproductive organs.
• Sagittarius – Thighs, hips and liver.
• Capricorn – Associated with skeleton system – bones, knees, joints and teeth.
• Aquarius – Blood circulation and ankles.
• Pisces – Represents hormones and immune system.

Accuracy of Astrology

Astrological accuracy varies depending on a number of factors and aspects. Astrology is often claimed to be a practice of belief. This vastly stands true – but believing in a system or practice is probably the first step to understanding and uncovering it. Scientists have time and again questioned God and the existence of The Almighty. But those who believe are not concerned about concrete evidences or scientific proof. They believe because it helps them cope in difficult situations and circumstances. Similarly, many people who claim to have benefited from astrology or otherwise have strong faith in the system without viable proof. But there is a twist – astrology after all is to some extent the amalgamation of spirituality with science.

Although it is true that not every astrologer has similar capabilities or knowledge about astrology, it is also true that there are many saints who have immense knowledge on the same.  They can actually read the signs and make an assertive statement. It is safe to say that the power and accuracy of astrology be it spiritually or scientifically, depends on the individual astrologer’s abilities above everything else. Also it depends on the individual seeking an astrologer’s advice or readings about certain scenarios surrounding his life.

People turn to astrology mostly to understand or gain knowledge of the forthcoming events or circumstances so that they can brace themselves accordingly. People also tend to take heed of an astrologer before plunging into a new venture maybe because they are skeptical about the consequences. From education to business and from medical to matrimony, astrology finds itself hands deep into every sector of life. Whether accurate or not, it is at least practical that knowledge about science and spirituality provides a sense of motivation for many.

However, we all believe that there is one super power that is beyond the explanations of science. And that is our faith on spirituality.  Spiritual practice in our daily lives can help us deal with ourselves, thereby transforming us.

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