Books today, have become a constant companion and a favourite time pass to most of the people. Right from kids to older people, reading has taken a prominent place in the lives of the people. We see people absorbed in their little cell phones or ekindles or books all around us. Especially while traveling. Some enjoy the fiction forms while some, the non-fiction forms. But there are others who read for the purpose of academic achievement and some others for the professional knowledge.

And with the over pouring information on the net that is available 24×7, people are always on the constant search for timely needed information. However, with the advent of the new technologies, access to information has become easier than the yester years. The gamut of information that pours in, in a click of a button guides us and helps us deal with a lot of issues, ranging from relationship to parenting, changing jobs to marriage jitters, from getting over hardships to spirituality.

We just pick up a book of our choice and find a comfortable corner and enjoy the read, be it a novel, a self-help book or a spiritual book, or even just a magazine. But if we take a closer look, we will be amazed at how wonderful are the benefits of reading.

To name a few, how does reading books help us are:

• Help reduce stress level and rejuvenate us.
• It not only enhances our knowledge but changes our perspectives
• Enriches our lifestyle, making us more confident.
• Improves our vocabulary skills
• Connects us with more people, thereby making our presence prominent in the crowd.

Fiction books take the readers into an imaginary world. The readers live the lives of the characters that come in the story, experiencing their emotions. And non-fiction is all about facts and figures, events and people, reports and case studies. Both forms, in its own way, has a lesson to teach the readers.

Fiction, for some, may be just a time pass, but if observed carefully, one can get the message that is conveyed, be it in a subtle form or strong. A simple explanation about why some people like certain characters in the story while others just cannot come to terms with the character is just because the reader, at one point of his life has experienced the same situation in his life and is able to connect with the character. The escape from the real world, from the responsibilities, from the mundane routines, is what we sometimes need and if a book gives it all, why do we ever need to depend on others for our emotional support?

Reading for me started as an escape from boredom. Books became my favourite entertainer. It After reading quite a large number, and as transited to another phase, I took on the self-help books. And then, came the spiritual books what still are going on. Presently, as I am into writing, I read all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction, articles and everything on what I lay my hands on.

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