Gems and stones have been said to have immense healing abilities and are commonly used since times of Mayan civilization. There are quite a few varieties of gems and each has their own distinct powers and abilities to help cure or heal ailments.

Let’s talk about some of these gems and stones used in healing.

A stone which is believed to have multifarious utilities, Agate is one of the most popular healing stones for a number of reasons. Since times unknown, Agate has been used to strengthen the heart thus keeping heart ailments at bay. In some parts of Brazil, it is still readily used to lower down fever. Agate in amulet form is said to help heal mental sickness and numbness too and also helps in strengthening vision and clearing mind for better eloquence. It is also believed that the nature of this gemstone helps in boosting self-esteem and sexual desires too.

Basically fossilized liquid from ancient pine trees gradually crystallizes over million years to give the gemstone that we today know as Amber. Often tiny insects or ancient flowers or seeds are found fossilized inside these Amber stones and these gems are said to be extremely beneficial in eradicating pain and diseases. Amber stone supposedly pulls out the negative energy thus healing pain and ailments and are also very useful for people who have suicidal tendencies or are destructive in nature.

Believed to hold immense psychic powers, Aquamarine is commonly used owing to their health benefits. Other than being used for healing eye-related problems and vision clarity, this gem also is very helpful for the heart as it is said to influence the solar plexus. Other than that, organ dysfunctions, nerve-related problems, neck pain, stomachache and dental pain is also said to be cured by Aquamarine.

Other than being extremely appealing owing to its vibrant colors and durability, Sapphire also finds its use for a number of healing properties. It is said to be extremely effective for nerve related problems including hysteria, epilepsy and also rheumatism.

Pyrite, also known as the Fool’s Gold due to its resemblance to Gold is often used as a good luck charm as it is believed to attract wealth. Pyrite is also used or worn near the throat because it is exceptionally useful for problems related to the respiratory system. Its properties are said to heal bronchitis or other respiratory tract allergies too.

Olivine stone is said to have immense healing properties beneficial for curing problems pertaining to the digestive system. Any kind of imbalance in digestive juices, stomachaches, cramps etc. can be healed greatly by using this gemstone. Olivine stone is even said to be very fruitful against stomach ulcers.

Mostly used for general weakness, Goethite is also essential for a number of other health benefits. It not only stabilizes and nurtures the circulatory system but also helps in healing asthma. Nerve weakness can also heal with prolonged usage of this gemstone.

Yellow Quartz or Citrine
Often compared to the warm and comforting effect of the Sun, Yellow Quartz has immense health benefits related to the digestive system. It is said to curb away indigestion, renal and bladder infections and is also said to be good for constipation and other issues related to digestion.

Dolomite is enriched with minerals like calcium and magnesium. It is naturally said to have immense benefits for healing problems pertaining bones and teeth development.

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