I wish I could record those unexpected moments
The moments that enlightened me with thoughts
One of its kind, unique, genuine, tranquil and unusual
What can become my inspiration in my need.

My mind just cannot jaunt to those moments again
The harder I try, it is evading me
But my itchy head has to have those recorded
For it believes, even the reminiscence would do.

‘The time comes,’ I had often heard
I had read and had even said it to people
During their tough times, without understanding
The very essence of it.

One cannot possibly understand
Without experiencing themselves
True to the core, my time had arrived
The moment that was to impact me deep within.

Bit by bit my soul sinking in despair
The vicissitudes dislodging my life
Hope, my only saviour for years
Played a hide and seek game, pulling me along.

And that evening as I sat there imploring
Smiling at me benevolently, enlightened me
Whispered, it was all meant to be
Stop battling against the tides.

I couldn’t help but surrender
Life indeed is simple
We make it complicated, in our thoughts
Thoughts leading to action complicates life.

Neither people can be blamed nor situations
Or even ourselves
It is all in the game, a part of the game
Being a silent spectator sometimes comes handy.

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