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Rajashree BhagwatI am Rajashree Bhagwat, an Indian blogger, and author of two books. I am also a mother of my three kids, a wife and an ardent student who is still pursuing daily lessons taught by life.

Welcome to my website. This is the space I was wishing to have since long, but as rightly said by a great person, there is a time and a way for everything and it is only then things fall into places, no matter how hard we try. I believe, now the time has come for me to fulfill my wish and here, I am making my way into the new world of blogging.

Writing for me was by accident. A former Human Resources professional, I quit my stressful career to look after my three crazy kids. In the process, writing was one activity that kept me sane. It gives me the freedom to be my own boss, allowing me to draw various experiences of life. Writing helps me to greatly reflect on my life and everything I experience in my day-to-day lives. But even more important, it empowers me to empower people with the right knowledge and skill what I wished I knew.

The writing was a choice I made and having come a long way, after publishing two of my dream books, I realized, how little things in life matters the most. My first book, ‘Over the Rainbow’ addresses adoption and parenting. In my second book, ‘A Drop of Dew’, I tried to explore the finer nuances of romantic love and relationships.

I believe writing has tremendous power to heal. It is not only an art of expression but also has the power to influence minds and souls. Every little moment of day-to-day lives influences us greatly. Giving in to the temptations, we react, be it anger, or sad or regret, only to realize later that we were so wrong. There are always two simple choices before us for every little instance we come across, the decision to be happy or to be unhappy. And all it takes is one moment!

Having stumbled across such situations repeatedly, I chose to help people ease out their lives with little pieces of my writing. With a reasonable degree of confidence, I put my foot forward to live a more intentional life connecting with people and making a real difference in their lives. Touching upon various topics, I cover issues related to Parenting, Adoption, Relationships, issues related women, self-improvements, and spirituality. I also include case studies to help people understand the situation better so that they can come up with the right answers.

My blogs offer straight, simple and an easy take, on the problems that most of the people face today. My vision is to reach out to people from all walks of life and enrich their lives through simple advice, easily doable action plans, suggestions, guidelines, and solutions. I blog on Parenting, Adoption, Relationships, Spirituality, Self-help and issues related to women. Cases studies are also included.

Enjoy browsing my website and read my blogs, Do share your comments or experiences. I would love to hear from my readers.

Love you all

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