He, She and We

Finally, I cleared my loan, he said
Is it, she questioned first
And then came an appreciation, that’s great
His eyes were fixed at the bright morning sky
So, what next on your agenda, she questioned.

The sky is blue today, she knows
Would be the next sentence he comes up with
To which she adds, the grass is green too
And soon he shifts his gaze to which she says
Hey, look at those birds perching on the balcony railings.

He gives a cheeky smile understanding the sarcasm
And she, a scornful look,
For this has been the routine during their tea times
So, what next on your agenda, she repeats a little slow this time
Making sure to emphasize on the word ‘your’.

When I say ‘I’, it is obvious that you are a part of me
His words sprang up every time as it did in the past
Then why cannot ‘I’ be replaced with ‘We’
She had questioned, during their initial years of marriage
To which he had agreed but it was never ‘We’.

It never irks her now, hurts her though
That she has not been a part of him
But now she prefers him to be ‘I’ not ‘We’
For she has learned to be ‘I’ from ‘We’
It took years though, unaware she has come way too far.

Oblivious to her feelings, he is ‘I’
His achievements, his life, and his choices
Clear in his actions too, claiming HIS
Was she ever there in his life
She is least bothered.

‘I’ presented her a company of herself
For it brought a new spirit of renaissance
A power to empower herself
Silently she bid goodbye to ‘We’
Taking a solemn vow to be with herself.

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