Greeting every arrival, you tread me
Between high springing hopes and hard knocks
Between bitter, twisted truth and facts
Between the mightiness and insignificance.

There were promises to keep, miles to go
Hopes, desires, joy, and love
Lurking at me tall and large
You were sacred, colossal, and boundless.

You gave me times that I was truly amazed at
Feel a certain way, have perspectives
Made me risk, lose and restart
Midst defeat, fear, sorrow, despair, and hate.

You made me achieve, live and aspire
Sense of elation inspiring me
Joy, gloom, and miracles always beset me around
You made me hold on to people and moments.

In the certain and uncertain tides
You rose me up from my broken crushed self
Made me a question on whys’, hows’ and whats’
Brought in regrets and realizations.

All the treaded roads now converging
I stand here looking back as far as I can
Perspective, people, moments, charm, will
All fading, turning barren diminishing me.

It is said and believed, this is life
So, rising up from the illusions
I felt for the pulses of my core
A new being, much mightier, awaiting me!

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