The only thing constant about life is change. It is very important to remember this always as we gradually go on overburdening ourselves with work, family, friends, relationships and a horde of other responsibilities. Often we find ourselves in such crossroads of life where everything seems to be getting out of grip. And we suddenly are overwhelmed by the magnitude of problems surrounding us. In times like these, it is very normal to freak out and feel that your life is out of control. This is nothing to be scared of as situations like these. These are friendly reminders that we also need to take a break, unwind and try to not take control of everything at once. We cannot control life. It is like a handful of sand. The harder you try to close your fist around it, it keeps slipping out of your hands. When you are dealing with a lot of problems, be it on a professional or a personal front, there are simple ways by which you can deal with your emotions and fears.

Here are 4 ways to deal with yourself when life is out of control.

  1. Take a break
    Life is such that at times things will just fall apart and seem overwhelmingly difficult to deal with. Don’t let it discourage or demotivate you. Take a break and switch off all responsibilities for a short time. Spend an hour or two by yourself doing anything that helps you relax. Read a book, listen to your favorite music, take a short trip, anything and everything counts. Being alone for a while when surrounded with problems does not in any way mean you are a loser and giving up. But at times it is necessary to unwind.  Just relax to rejuvenate your mind and body to tackle the problems with a fresh perspective with greater vigor.
  2. Acceptance
    When everything around you falls apart and it feels like you are losing all control over things, the best thing to do sometimes is to let it be. You cannot assert dominance over your life by force. It is wise to just accept it that there are and always will be things that are beyond your control. The key to dealing with such situations is to be calm and not let stress get the best of you. Stop analyzing and over thinking. Accepting that things can go wrong, is a stepping stone to de-stress yourself. You can then buckle up and take things up from scratch in a planned way to reduce one problem at a time. In the meantime focus on what went wrong and chalk out your priorities.
  3. Meditation
    Spiritual practice is an extremely beneficial method to calm yourself while facing a dramatic change of events in your life. It is an effective stress buster that helps you maintain composure even in extreme turmoil.  It lets you keep a clear head while approaching a problem of such magnitude. Practicing meditation for a short time daily can really help in changing your perspective. It can also help you regain your composure in life as you want it to be.
  4. Therapy
    When we talk about therapy, people tend to stereotype the problem one is facing. Feeling overwhelmed about your life and thinking about how you are losing control over it can be much more than just stress. Consulting a professional therapist can work wonders in such scenarios and will also help you chalk out your coping strategies better.

When life is out of control, it is a source of fear. Many a time, you cannot always control. Then, patience can be only an answer.

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