Often it is difficult to understand the stages of a relationship. While you glide through the phases, transition sometimes becomes tough and often is something natural. This is a subtle warning that often surfaces only when the relationship is on the verge of ending. Not everything is declared officially especially when it comes to relationships. Initially, the gap generates between the two. Knowingly or unknowingly, people take this gap as a temporary misunderstanding. Some grip on to hope, while some other, due to social status try to carry on mistaking it for compromises. Instead, if you are able to identify the warning bells of your ending relationship, it is wise to accept and walk out in peace.

Let’s look at the four warning signs of an ending  relationship:

  1. IT’S NO MORE ABOUT ‘WE’ IT’S JUST ABOUT ‘ME’ AND ‘YOU’:When you see that the WE feeling is disappearing, it is an important sign that the relationship is over. Generally, when we are in a relation, we tend to think about the other person before we think about us. Feeling loved and cared are the key essentials of a relationship. One partner should be caring for the other and will feel good by sacrificing own liking and disliking by giving preference to other. The time you see the change in thoughts or one’s attitude has become rigid, he/she is thinking more about themselves than their significant other.
  2. THE DATES ONCE SO IMPORTANT, NOW, HAS NO VALUE:We tend to remember each and every little detail of our loved ones. Gifts, cards, wishes and surprises what once were there, aren’t anymore. These details are no more important and are viewed as something very normal or often forgotten. There are other important events for your significant other to attend. You are no more a priority. Before you become an option for your partner, take action on the subtle warning.
  3. NO SACRIFICE, NO COMPROMISE, NO ADJUSTMENT:The time we are in love, we tend to adjust with our beloved. We also try to be the way our beloved wants us to be. We change, compromise, adjust and sacrifice, and try to be the one that he or she expects. With time when you notice that, your feeling towards your partner has changed, or you no more find interest in your partner. Take it as a warning sign.
  4. THE PRESENCE IS NO MORE ENJOYABLE:The sign of a good relationship is belongingness with each other. Each moment spent together becomes a memory to cherish and treasure. You notice that you no more enjoy each other’s company or either of you tend to avoid the other. If phone calls are annoying and you don’t feel the need to answer the messages and even worst is if you feel to ignore, this as sure an important sign. The blow is always for the receiver.  None can be busy for their loved ones. It is only that their priorities change.

Without allowing ourselves to be used choosing to walk out is the best option. Remember you are not a loser rather your partner definitely is! Make up your mind and prepare for your ending relationship.  This helps you cope up with your break up.

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