With every passing day, people are becoming fast-paced in order to finish at a better position in life’s rat race. What we forget is no matter how much we focus and struggle for it if we come out at the top of a rat-race, we are still a rat!We are giving into a chaotic and hectic life of multi-tasking where we are continuously connected to one electronic gadget or another and always in a hurry to reach somewhere. But amidst all this humdrum what we are truly missing out is the essence and beauty of life as it is – without all the technological intervention and without the rush to get work done. Slowing down in life can be a great thing and even science says that it is much better to focus on one work at a time. Slowing down in life is never an easy choice but it is a conscious one which lets you appreciate life a lot better and to truly be happy.

These are four very simple ways to slow down in life.

  1. Live the moment
    Given the kind of busy, work-laden life we lead, it is natural to live and think about anything but the present. We are either too busy thinking about a past incident or we are stressing about the near or distant future which is yet to happen. Both dwelling in the past and trying too much to shape the future is bad for your present. One might argue that both are necessary but not at the price of the present. Seize the moment – Enjoy life to the fullest every passing minute. Slow down, look around, absorb nature and life around, observe, learn, feel it, because once the moment passes, nothing can bring it back. In our rush to do a thousand things, we forget the basics often and we forget how beautiful the world and people around are.
  2. Disconnect technology
    Disconnecting yourself from the firm grip of technology is another way to slow down in life and enjoying one thing at a time. Staying hooked onto news feeds, social media, television etc. is necessary – how else would you communicate with people and stay up to date with everything happening around the world. But before all that, isn’t it preferable to first know what is happening right around you? Technology and gadgets are double-edged – they are necessary but are also the greatest distraction. Get rid of them or at least learn to turn them off and disconnect from them completely once in a while.
  3. Connect to people
    Now many of us can argue that we have an active social life, we often meet friends, family and relatives and so on. But are we really connecting with these people or just meeting them? We are mostly distracted by devices, barely paying attention to them as our mind is pacing away with thoughts of work or something else or maybe just thinking about too much about what we want to say and convey. We need to turn off all other distractions, pay real attention to people and conversations around us. Even a little uninterrupted time that you spend with friends or family can help a lot in appreciating life.
  4. Take a Deep Breathe
    If you are stressed out or too busy with your hectic schedule, this is probably the first and foremost thing you need to do. Stop everything and take a deep breath. Take two more if needed. It will help you calm down, relax and slow things down a bit by clearing your mind.

Slowing down in life is the key to rediscovering and get motivated in life.  It is the secret to being successful.

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