Adopting a child is a very big event in your life, one of the happiest ones. You are bringing home a child.  It may seem that with love and affection, there will never be a problem post-adoption, it is good to seek post-adoption support for the well-being of the new member in your family. In the due course of life, families face a number of issues. It might be an identity development crisis, grief or attachment issues in adopted children. With post-adoption support, it is easy to maintain a healthy child-parent relationship.

Let us discuss four reasons why families should opt for post-adoption support.

  1. Identity development: Many adopted children at some point of time go through an identity development crisis irrespective of their age. This is often more complex for children who have been adopted at an older age, teenagers. Sometimes even in toddler adoption. As they grow up, sometimes they feel a number of questions bothering them. If they are different by culture or race from their adoptive parents, this is more prevalent. They often question the differences with their parents in appearance, culture, or otherwise. Addressing in the right way is important or else these can lead to serious problems with time. The fact about their adoption can make them question their identity and the existence of their birth parents. It is necessary to seek post-adoption support to help the child go through these phases without letting any of it seriously damage their emotions or beliefs.
  2. Grief: Kids put up for adoption, even as infants go through feelings of loss and grief from separation at some point in life. As they come to terms with their adoption, they often find themselves questioning, why he/she was put up for adoption. They grieve. They try to battle the feeling of abandonment and struggle to overcome the impact of the adoption on their life. Such feelings are not always stable and can come and go in different stages of life. For the very same reason, children may need post-adoption support to help them come to terms with such negative feelings and to understand how adoption has a positive impact on their lives.
  3. Attachment: Children experience a sense of loss when they separate from their birth parents. They suffer from a severe break from attachment.  There are children who had tough times like abuse, lack of care and thus lack the constant sense of trust and attachment. These children often find it extremely difficult to trust and adjust to a new adoptive family even if the family provides utmost love and care. They fail to connect or balance their life with the new family. Post-adoption support can help them battle this and ensure a better relationship building between the children and parents.
  4. Birth family connections: Children at some point seek out their birth parents and get inquisitive about the same. It can be extremely overwhelming for them and can be emotionally disturbing if they are unprepared for it. Post-adoption support can help through this process in a comfortable way and in a constructive way.

There are certain other sensitive issues like eating disorders or health issues that come along with adoption and need post-adoption support.

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