If you often feel that you have seen competitive performances in your house when watching a classic dramatic scene in a movie, you are probably parenting a teenager. How to deal with teen drama, seems the biggest challenge.

Teenagers are in a phase of life when a lot of emotions suddenly come tumbling their way.  While trying to manage, they make way to something that is a concern for their parents more than anyone else. Somewhere between sudden outbursts for trifle things and attention-seeking satisfaction of a slammed door, teenage drama becomes an inevitable part.  More often than not, parents think that it’s a part of growing up. They feel that there’s nothing much they can do to deal with teen drama. Or sometimes, even if they want to they don’t find a loophole around it. The truth is, teenagers really need incomparable support from their parents while making this phenomenal transition towards adulthood.

Here are some tips on how you can be a fully equipped support system to deal with teen drama.

1.   Don’t ignore but don’t dive in

Teen drama cannot be ended or curbed without a proper guidance. So, ignorance because you think you are not fully able to handle the situation is the worst decision. But at the same time, diving right into every matter that concerns your teenager can be meaningless. Be like a pivotal character in a movie who swoops in at the most critical of times.  Keep your head clear and not being a part of his/her daily emotions.  Make the right judgment and impart a proper guidance.

2.   Don’t Sting back

Sooner or later, teenagers at some point of life dish out on their parents for the tiniest of reasons. This is normal and if you remember well enough, you did it too when you were a teenager. Consciously or inadvertently. Now, as a parent witnessing a lot of teen drama, while it may seem like a reflex to sting back when your child is lashing out to you and uttering hurtful words, you have to keep calm. Your teen kid is probably going through a lot of changes and already dealing with a lot of unwanted problems. The last thing your kid needs is you lashing back at him/her with your words. Be patient because the damage these words will do is irreparable.

3.   Listen! Listen! Listen!

Teenage is a make or break phase for every parent-child relationship. As a parent how you are handling this phase and communicating with your child is extremely challenging.  And extremely critical too. While it might feel like your kid is speaking in a completely different language altogether and at times you will want to drift away from the consistent yapping, Don’t! Being a good listener works like a charm in many facets of life.  This is one of the most crucial ones. It will not only keep you informed and updated about your child’s life, but also make him/her feel more connected to you.  A definite stepping stone to a solid parent-child relationship!

4.   Don’t Judge

It does not take a teenager to know that there are already going to be too many people in any individual’s life during this phase who will judge them, or at least make them feel judged. Don’t add up to that list. Be the one who listens to your teenage kid and assures them that they are the best.

Apart from the above, certain basic steps can be followed to find tune your teen. Peer pressures being one of the important aspects, parents need to be extra careful and deal with teen drama tactfully.

Would love to know your experiences of parenting a teenager.  Kindly share.

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