While age brings wisdom, it also brings a set of dreadful questions at one point of time. Questions after questions loom large and tall before us. Who am I? Is this my life? What am I doing? Is this all what life is? The more we struggle to find answers, the more complicated it turns out to be. This is precisely when one is affected by mid-life.

Mid-life hits women faster than men. The first ripples begin as soon as the children start becoming independent. Gliding through every transition, changing roles life what once was interesting and engaging seem empty at once. Nothing seems interesting. Life suddenly seems to come to a dead pause. Before the transition phase blows out into a dramatic midlife crisis, it is better to take charge.

Below are four tips that can help you deal with  the midlife transition.

  • Identify the warning signs:
    The transition phase isn’t smooth. A woman starts evaluating her performance of her role, as a mother, as a wife, and as a woman. She feels, all her years have been a compromise or a sacrifice for her family. Identity crisis hits hard. It is the first warning bell. She ends up feeling trapped in emotions or relationships Less acute symptoms may be boredom and loneliness.
  • Acknowledge the fact:
    It’s a part of the aging process. Just as other transition phases this too shall pass, not easy, though. The interesting part of the midlife transition is, we become aware of the surfacing warning signs when we are at its peak. More often than not, we fail to understand that we have already crossed the toughest stages of this phase and often end up overwhelmed. It first comes as a shock then the denial following the short period of depression stage and then comes in the anger. Finally, gliding through each phase, we are on the threshold of acceptance phase. Acknowledging can help us find a way to move past the difficult times.
  • Acceptance:
    Midlife crisis being the most difficult and confusion phase, we often tend to withdraw ourselves from accepting the fact. Often used to the fast pace of the passing days, with events happening in a blink of an eye, the sudden change in the life is a setback. However, accepting it as a natural process of growing, can serve as an opportunity for personal growth. This is the time to transform ourselves in a constructive way.
  • Give a new direction to your life
    All these days life had been directing us. It’s now time for us to take the control and steer in the direction we wish to proceed with. The sudden change in the life can be harmful if we give in to our temptations. Take time to decide. Consider the pros and cons of each decision you take with careful and appropriate considerations, as this is that important phase of life that you remember until the end. Brainstorm before deciding. Discuss with your close ones. Share your problems with your family members.

A midlife crisis for a woman is undeniably painful. It indeed is a long, scary and a lonesome journey. The outcome can be amazing if handled wisely, serving as a vital wake-up call for a big transformation.

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