Life is a journey, not a destination. This is one such adage that we often hear and read. But, if we take a closer look, we realize that it is the events, the milestones and the instances that make the journey of life. Diving in a little more, we realize that it is the little moments of our daily lives that matter the most in our lives. Each passing day, add on to the big picture of the journey, taking us through. With these fleeting moments in time, things change around us and so do we. And in the process life just passes by us. And it is only at a later stage it hurts when a realization dawn on us that we have missed out on so many precious moments. The moments which can never, ever return.

Fortunate are those, who have understood the value of these little fleeting moments of life and have cherished.

The little wonders of life come in various forms. All we need to do is to observe and pay attention to the details in our daily lives. Petty quarrels with your partner and then patching up fights between siblings or friends, a bad day or even during our low times, there are beautiful moments that comes in disguise to teach us lessons of life. Haven’t we all said at one point or the other, ‘good that it happened, else I would not have learned – this or that?’

On this note, I wish to share one such fleeting moment of my life what I unknowingly treasured back then, years ago that has been one of the most beautiful things. Every time, I recollect, it just amazes me with the wonders of nature.

It was on an evening as I sat sipping my tea overlooking my backyard garden through the window, enjoying the flowers blooming, my eyes fell on the wooden cabinet opposite to me. I observed thin lines emerging from the walls behind the cabinet. My curiosity increased as I saw a beautiful unusual pattern. I slid the cabinet and to my surprise, I saw a beautiful picture what seemed like a pencil sketch. The amusement it brought to me was inexplicable. Thankfully, I pulled out my camera and clicked pictures completely unaware of what importance it would hold in my future days.

Now, after almost five years, during my evening teatimes, I still remember the picture. Along with the picture, comes the memory of the beautiful moments I had watching my garden. Colorful flowers bloomed. I had witnessed the change, the little piece of land with wild shrubs had changed into a fine carpet of lawn. Creepers had spread through the length and breadth of the wall. And through the walls, the little roots had emerged giving it a fine pencil sketch view. It happened to be the last picture I had taken and I had to soon move to a new location. The picture reminds me a lot about the beautiful moments I had in that beautiful home what I now miss to the core.

Life offers us a lot of opportunities to live in content and at peace. Focussing on the negatives, we fail to count on the positives. So, my dear readers, let’s put in a little effort and promise ourselves to enjoy little fleeting moments of life.


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