Life is a process of continuous learning, growing, maturing and finally evolving making it until the end. Unfortunately, in the process, most of us get lost amidst the twist and turns of lives, some expected and some unexpected ones popping up. We have before us two choices, to be happy or to be sad.

Fortunately, our smart instinct strikes a balance between the two and takes us through. While, as silent spectators we sail through without questioning, adapting ourselves to the changes around, to the ever evolving demands and competitions. Frustrations, fear, insecurity, compromises, sacrifices are what we think a part of life. More often than not, we encounter failures. Again accepting it in our stride, we go along with the flow. Instead, what if you had questioned yourself – Is this my life supposed to be?

The bitter fact is the realization always comes at the fag end. Still, it is never too late. You can always live the life you had dreamed. All it takes is a little of courage.

Here are the five step-wise approaches to build and live a life of your dreams:

  1. Stop, look back and take stockIt is time to reflect. Pause. Take a break. Pullout yourself from the rut and spend ample amount of time to look back. Take stock of all the events of your life – both happy and sad, success and failures. Relive and go through those moments. Recollect every detail. You will be surprised by the way, you had handled some tough times of your life. The pride in you leaves you energized. If you find yourself entering into an overanalyzing mode, pause, as it may fill you with negativity.
  2. Set out a new list of goalsPick up the new energy surging in you and start out on your action plan. Revisit your earlier goals and revise. Make a new list of short-term goals. This is the time to fuel your motivation.
  3. Develop a daily habit of planning your dayDevise a routine for the mornings. Plan your day. Prepare a to-do list. Stick to your plans. Make it happen. Rather than waiting for the right time, you have to find the right time. Find out the productive hours of your day and gradually, take action on your short-term goals.
  4. Imagine and live the life you want to be livingOne by one, gradually integrating all your dreams in your routine you see yourself taking in control of your life. It is indeed a big leap. Acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate your little success. Visualize that big day where you have achieved your goals and living a life you wanted to live. Weed out all the barriers.
  5. Assess your ideals of lifeNow that, you have made it through and it is time to assess your achievements. Work on the drawbacks and fine-tune your actions. Persistence, perseverance, and commitment are the keys.

Following the simple easy and affordable stepwise guide, you can bring the best in yourself.

It is your turn now! If you are holding onto a failure or disappointment, break through and emerge! Know your true calling in life.

“Life is a process of becoming. A combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.”

~Anais Nin

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