Commitment phobic people are afraid of serious commitments. They are often in an emotional conflict due to some or the other reason. People often easily confuse a commitment phobic person with one ignoring you. Both are extremely different.  A commitment-phobic might be very interested in you but still, be scared to embark on a serious relationship with you. This can happen because of his or her unfavorable past experiences, emotional trauma or their altering beliefs of certain experiences. Usually, relationships with a commitment phobic are short-lived.  Their nature of freaking out by a number of things often cause mayhem in other people’s lives. They often appear insensitive and impulsive to people and knowingly or unknowingly cause ample confusion and heartbreaks. But is it possible to understand if the person you are with is a commitment phobic?

Here are Five warning signs of a commitment phobic.

  1. History

If you know about their past relationships and notice that, they have a history of brief short-term relationships, in all probabilities you are with a commitment phobic person. Due to their fear of commitments, they often tend to break out of a relationship.  And more often than not, sabotage it by finding faults in the other person, gradually ignoring them more and more. If your partner had brief relationships in the past and often blames them, you have to re-think.  Do you seriously want to involve or not?

  1. Indecisiveness

Commitment phobic people can be impulsive and extremely indecisive. This applies to not only decisions regarding relationships but also in general. If your partner is extremely indecisive and fickle-minded – you might be dating a commitment phobic. These people easily confuse and mostly trap in choices. They love or miss you. They also tend to freak out about things exclusive to you both from time to time. They like to assert a dominating control over the relationship and choose their convenience over your wishes – always!

  1. Infidelity

Commitment phobic people are more prone to being infidel and unfaithful in a relationship. They are good at playing mind games.  And when time comes, they will not think much before breaking your heart, being unfaithful. Their fear of commitment is what spikes this feeling and they can brutally lie and evade any confrontation. With commitment phobic people with such tendencies, you will end up with a sour relationship and a broken heart.

  1. Differences

Commitment phobic people are more attracted to people who are vividly different from them. They tend to pair up with those people who have a noticeable difference in age – either way older or quite younger than them. They also tend to incline towards people who themselves live a very busy lifestyle, or are married or have drastically different outlook towards things in general. These are often the exact excuses they will use as weapons when they are trying to sabotage a relationship.

  1. Rejection

Commitment phobic people can’t handle rejections very well and they always like to be the one to make the call. Breaking it off threatens them and they are all with apologies – only to ensure they have the calling cards when time comes. You will never feel like a priority when with them.

When commitment is an issue, there is always a possibility of the relationship ending very soon. Understanding the warning signs can save heartbreaks and help you overcome the tough times.

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