Life, in its passing phase, hit us to a rock bottom. After fighting and struggling to overcome, we enter into the realm of spirituality. While for some, it is one’s own way to find peace in life. However, the ultimate goal is to live a peaceful life. To begin with, it is essential to know the meaning of spiritual path. The spiritual path is a journey when an individual feels the urge to explore. It is when one understands that the real happiness lies within than outside. The materialistic world is no more of any importance to him. It is when a person tries to find out the answers to his questions about why one undergoes certain events in life. The journey is easy and simple and is often self-driven. It is a self-healing process.

Here are five easy and simple tips to start out on your spiritual journey:

  • Daily Morning RoutineMorning is the most effective time of a day. It is the time when the body, mind, and soul are at rest. Before gushing thoughts to fill-in our minds, we can tune in ourselves infusing calmness and silence. Taking the mind under our control, the rest of the day can be smooth sailing. Our silent mind is now ready to obey us. Make up your mind to be happy throughout the day. This morning routine can fetch you to your daily goal of being happy thereby making each day successful.
  • MeditationThe very goal of meditating is to silence our minds. It is a journey where one seeks inwards, peeps into his own mind. Listen to the breathing. Today, there are many resources available to help one learn meditation. However, it is a lonesome journey.
  • Fulfill your responsibilitiesEveryone has their own roles being an individual, as fathers/mother, as brothers/sisters, as sons/daughters, as wife/husband, and so on. Each stage of one’s life has its own purpose and duties to perform. Fulfilling each duty in itself is a start for a spiritual journey.
  • Being religiousFollowing religious path is the easiest way to start with the spiritual journey. Integrating into our daily routine the prayers, feeling of gratitude, thanksgiving and being grateful for what we have, you are almost half way through your path.
  • Being considerate and reasonableSlow down and look back. Take in all those in your embrace all your near and dear ones. Your words matter. Your action matters. Make your loved ones feel valued and cared. Mere words can be a comfort for many or just listening for some can give them solace. Be patient. Make time for those who need your support. Helping others is one of the methods to listen to our inner voice; rather it helps you reach yourself.

With tons of resources available around, spirituality sounds like a rocket science. It is you, who has to be a teacher to yourself. Being spiritual is not something one can impose on himself. It is that phase of one’s life where one walk into the path independently. As you set out on the long slow journey, you realize happiness and peace embracing you.

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