What is a relationship?

A relationship is a connection between two people involving feelings and emotions. Our daily life includes navigating through different types of relationships from casual dating to working with co-workers to love life. We make connections with people through all walks of life, ranging from quick meetings to lifetime associations.  Connecting with people has a major role in shaping us as individuals. They provide love, support, happiness, friendship, advice, and guidance, bringing much meaning and happiness to life. The two main relationships that concern us in our daily lives are the connection we share with our family members and with the others outside the family. Hence it is important to maintain a relationship healthy and strong.

For any relationship to thrive it has to navigate through five different stages.

  • The acquaintance stage
  • The control stage
  • The molding stage
  • The commitment stage
  • The establishment stage

Good relationships are something we all strive to have. While many relationships remain positive, yet encounters occasional bumps. Minor misunderstandings can blow up to major disagreements ruining even long-term relationships. Hence, it is important to sustain and endure relationships.

Following are the Five pillars to maintain a relationship healthy and strong.

  • Trust – Whether it is with family, friends, or co-workers or partner, trust is important. Trusting relationships will encourage family and friends to spend more quality time with you. Building trust also fosters positive communication and better understanding.
  • Communication – Communication is important in relationships as it allows us to share interests, aspirations, and concerns, to support each other, to organise our lives and make decisions, and to work together. Call, text, or meet more often. These days technology makes it so easy to keep in touch and yet we still find ourselves drifting apart.
  • Strengthening your connections- Greetings for the day, birthday or anniversary wishes are a great way to get connected. Remember important dates and do not ever forget to wish. The emotions of your significant other are involved with this. A gift can add a magic to your relationship.
  • Never ever, take your significant other for granted – Knowing each other for long takes us onto to a zone where we tend to take our significant other for granted. Most of the relationships fail when it comes to this. It happens when the initial spark is lost. However, initiating little changes and throwing a little challenge can bring back the charm. A little effort is all that you need to put in and it is worth it.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate – Tell them how great they are and how much you love having them as a friend/partner etc. Be specific, tell them what it is that in them you love the most and thank them for being there with you in all your times.

Understanding your role can help you not just save but brings in spark to your life. Take action now and create an amazing life with strong and healthy relationships.

different stages of relationships.  Keep spicing up your relationship and bring back the spark and maintain your relationship healthy and strong.

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