Since ages society has tied down the role of a woman to a home-maker and the role of a man as a bread-earner. But today, women have been entering in all spheres of life alongside their primitive instinct of a homemaker and have been successful on both the fronts, balancing pretty well their career and their other roles in life, be it as a mother, as a wife, or as a daughter. But not all have been lucky enough to take up their paths what they wished for. However, it’s never too late to start over. It’s up to you to try something different and live your dream life.

Here are 5 tips for women on how to live a life you had desired

  1. Overcome the guilt rides – Plagued by the persistent feeling of guilt women generally suffers more mental stress than compared to men. A woman is often expected to take care of the house first and then comes her career. And in the process, she always lags behind in her career front. Hence a little tweak in her routines can help her overcome the struggle. Teaming up with the partner and also with the other family members and sharing the responsibilities can help her excel in her career too.
  2. Learn to be imperfect – All women strive to be perfect in whatever she does. And when it comes to her kids and family, she takes the entire onus on herself to make the things work perfectly. The word perfect has to be leveraged and with a little of conscious effort, a lot can change in her life.
  3. Integrate hobbies into your life – As days pass on, with the changing times, the situation changes too. Kids grow. And life becomes a lot easier. Taking up hobby add on a new passion to life. Grab the opportunity and learn something new.
  4. Invest quality time in yourself – Looks matters a lot. It boosts your self-esteem especially when you reach middle-age. Spend some bucks on your wardrobe. Change your look. Go in for a nice haircut or spend some time at the parlour. Connect with your friends and have a day out. And remember don’t tag kids along with you. Have an exclusive time with yourself. Stand up for yourself whenever needed.
  5. Rediscover yourself – Life at this stage brings in a lot of questions for you, leaving you with a regretful feeling for some of your decisions of your early life. Rather than giving in yourself to the emotions, arrive above those and analyze on the 5 important management question, Why, What, When, Where and Who.

It is not easy though, it is not difficult either. It is only we who should take charge and try to overcome the little hurdles and shape up the remaining part of your life. Take it in the direction you wish to proceed. The most wonderful fact what most of us fail to understand is that a life of a woman always starts after she becomes a mother. Take a moment and observe yourself. Compare yourself to your younger self. You will notice each role you have played in your life has taught you a set of lessons. You are now more matured and empowered. You now have the patience and the skills to handle every situation you encounter.

Now get on with your new journey and do share your plans. Would love to hear from you.

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