There are no hard strategies for raising a smart child. Parents opt for the best educational institution, best provisions, better facilities etc. for their children. Parents cater to their children’s every need and ensure in whatever ways they can to give them the best upbringing. Knowing what your child likes and dislikes is very important in their process.

Following the five effective strategies to raise a smart child:


Kids are curious by nature. More often than not, they will find something or the other way more interesting than what you planned for him. Always encourage their interests – whether they like sports, arts, mathematics or music. Never discourage your child from pursuing or spending a lot of time following his interests. You might have had other plans for him. Your wishes count. But just because you want your child to excel in some other field than the one he chooses doesn’t mean it should be discouraged. Encouraging them to pursue their interests boosts their morale. It immensely builds up their self-confidence that is crucial to make a mark of their own as they grow up.

No Expectations

Children are special in their own way and have their own pace at learning things. Pressuring a child or having too much expectation from him all the time can have really adverse effects on him. While it is essential to ensure your child studies properly and is focused on doing the best he can, expecting him to come back home as a topper in each grade is a very disastrous way to raise a kid. Expecting him to excel at everything and never fail will put him under pressure to prove himself every single time. Have no expectations and support your child with whatever the outcome of his results are in studies or otherwise. This helps to build his self-confidence and he will boldly face problems without worrying about the end results.


Your child will make mistakes now and then. Don’t be excessively harsh on him or rebuke him so bad that he is scared to make mistakes again. Correct their mistakes and let them learn from each. Teach and discuss where they went wrong instead of scolding and being harsh to them all the time. Gradually they will know that mistakes are not something one should fear. It is inevitable and is there to learn from. Being too harsh when they do wrong makes them scared of facing you when they get wrong the next time. Not a healthy parent-child relationship building skill in my opinion.

Food Habits

A child grows up developing habits and incorporating proper food habits from a young age can be extremely useful. A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. By ensuring balanced meals from a young age with proper diet will help your kid in the long run.


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Make sure your kid has fun and games as an essential part of his upbringing. Don’t enroll him in sports or swimming or something that you want him to take up. Let him play, discover and hone his interests. After all, childhood is all about discovering something new every now and then.

You reap what you sow and sowing good values and traits can begin at a very early age. Observing closely and tapping their potential and providing the right attention are the most effective strategies to raise a smart child.

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