Spiritual healing is often practiced by a number of sects and people belonging to various faiths.

The general concept of spiritual healing is to reach out to God, or a superior power by means of faith, praying, meditation and by transmission of energy. Although debatably not an alternative to contemporary or orthodox medicinal practices, it is said to compliment them immensely. By definition, spiritual healing addresses and eradicates the spiritual root cause of problems based on a patient’s beliefs and karma. There are three basic modes of spiritual healing (contact healing, absent healing, and self-healing) and a number of methods which might or might not need the presence and aid of a spiritual healer.

Whether spiritual healing is solely effective to a great extent or not is a different topic all together but as of now, let us discuss five spiritual healing methods practiced commonly.

  1. Touch healingOne of the most practiced forms of spiritual healing is touch healing, where a healer places a hand on the ailing patient and channelizes energy to cure him of the problem. It is believed that the process evokes a strong bond between the patient and the healer which thus facilitates energy transfer, in turn, healing the patient. Healers often share or educate the patients about various things during this process to cleanse the aura and purify his spirits.
  2. Balancing chakraChakras are energy centers located in various parts of a human body. Healers often practice working on and balancing these chakras to regulate physical as well as spiritual ailments. This is done by either physical contact or channeling energy, by physical activity or by the use of gemstones. There are essentially seven chakras or energy centers in our body and some practitioners believe that targeting these points often heal an ailing person.
  3. ThoughtformA thoughtform is a practice which is based on the power of imagination and belief. This is one of the methods used for self-healing as well as healing others. The process is to close your eyes and dedicatedly focus on a part of your body, or an entirely different person who you want to heal and imagine a thoughtform surrounding the same to channelize energy into healing. A thoughtform is basically a ball of energy with a white core that symbolizes purification surrounded by a blue light which signifies God’s will. This is surrounded by a final layer of green light which is basically the healing flame to restore wellness.
  4. Pranic healingPrana is the ethereal and subtle energy that yogis or yoga practitioners accumulate from the air which is said to revitalize ailments and cure patients. Pranic healing can be used by healers or by yourself as a method of self-healing too. This can be done by placing one or both hands over the paining body part and by telepathically channeling the pranic flow of energy. It is said that short prana sessions of ten minutes for 2-3 times a day can be really effective in rejuvenating and reducing pain thus altering healing.
  5. Prayers, Chants, and MantrasMany spiritual healers and believers of spiritual healing believe that praying and meditating on mantras or by chanting biblical verses can really help enhance focus and can help in channeling energy to heal. It is believed that not everyone can benefit from this method and the effect of healing is dependent on karmic laws.

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