Stress is a common thing these days. With people trying to juggle numerous responsibilities and activities, it is understandable why more and more people are battling stress on a regular basis. Stress might sound like a harmless and inevitable part of our daily lives but ignorance and being prone to stress on a daily basis for prolonged time periods can manifest serious health issues too. Women particularly are more prone to it as they try to go out of their way to maintain balance in their professional and personal lives. Chronic headaches, digestion problems, anxiety and diminished attention span are common repercussions of stress. These problems not only weaken you physically and disrupt your emotional balance but also negatively affect your work productivity and cognitive performance. Dealing with stress can be a copious task but an essential one nevertheless to maintain health and harmony in your life.

These five simple and easy ways to deal with stress on a regular basis.

  1. MeditationOne of the best stress-busters prevalent today is meditation. It is an extremely effective way to cope with stress while finding an inner peace to help you be calm and composed in life. Meditation is a combination of body postures, stretching and breathing patterns which help in keeping both your mind and body fit. This helps you rejuvenate, relax muscle tensions and aids majorly in reducing regular stress. Another benefit from the regular practice of meditation is to maintain an emotional balance and can help women who are dealing with irritation, anger and other emotional turbulence brought about by stress.
  2. Sweat it outJust as meditation helps you reduce stress by focusing and calming yourself, working out or getting involved in a strenuous physical activity can work wonders too. If you are stressed about a hectic day or if the tension in personal or professional life is blindsiding your peace of mind, exercise or physical workout can help you miraculously. Extremely effective for women leading a sedentary lifestyle or otherwise, working out increases the heart rate and helps in blood circulation all over the body thus reducing muscle tension. Emotional stress can also be tackled well by finding an outlet via workout sessions.
  3. MassagesWe all know massages feel really good and can make us feel calm and relaxed. When pressure is applied to certain nerve endings, the brain stimulates the adrenal glands to diminish the production of stress hormones like vasopressin and cortisol by activating the parasympathetic nerves. This in-turn boosts the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin which makes you feel calm and relaxed. It is not necessary to always look for professional massage therapy although they work like a charm. You can alternatively make it a habit of stimulating or massaging some nerve endings yourself time to time when you are having a tough day.
  4. Go greenRecent studies show that another extremely effective way of dealing with stress is to squeeze in more green vegetables and fresh fruit in your diet. Our mind and body are highly inter-connected and maintaining a healthy diet can help a great deal in tackling stress or anxiety related issues.
  5. Be positiveContemplating too much about problems never have and never will solve any of them. Instead of dwelling on problems and responsibilities that are stressing you out, try to keep a positive attitude and try to be more solution-oriented. Keeping yourself motivated and tweaking the way your approach your issues regularly can help you live a stress-free life.

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