Life is full of tough choices and situations which challenge our integrity. Time and again we fall prey to circumstances where we are compelled to make a choice sidelining our values and beliefs. While necessity beats opinions, it is also true that standing up for yourself in times like these shows mettle and ethics. Often, women tend to sacrifice or overlook their opinions and beliefs to curb into the situation. Be it a colleague whose way of operating things are against your ethics, or a relationship where your partner’s demands become a priority or maybe random daily situations where you are scared to voice your opinion and stand up for what you believe in – you should always stand up for yourself. Letting people push you around or suppress your beliefs and opinion should be avoided at all costs. If you compromise every now and then irrespective of the reasons, you get enslaved into a vicious insidious cycle which is very difficult to get out of. Compromising ethics and values have tremendous negative impacts.

Whether you are intimidated by the other person or just scared of being considered an outcast in a social group or workplace, here are five crucial reasons why women should think otherwise and stand up for yourself.

  1. Self-confidence
    The more you let people dominate or dictate over you, the more you let them eat away your self-confidence. Standing up for yourself takes courage and expressing your views time and again asserts a strong sense of self-confidence. Voicing your values and opinion also leads to a risk of many others not agreeing to it. But if you have the guts to risk your job, friends, relationship or anything, as a matter of fact, to stand true to your opinions, it will help you grow into an extremely self-confident woman and also show you who your true near and dear ones are.
  2. Self-respect
    Most people are shy about standing up for what they believe in because they think their opinion opposes the majority and they might be shunned aside or considered an outcast. But think of it the other way round. Would you not respect a person who stands up to voice his or her opinion instead of agreeing with people because the majority of them think otherwise? If you keep agreeing to others sidelining your beliefs, it is a great way to lose your self-respect little bit at a time. Stand up for yourself and get rid of the wishy-washiness to earn the self-respect that you truly deserve. Be emotionally self-sufficient.
  3. Integrity
    With dishonesty and hypocrisy becoming a natural trait for many people, being able to maintain integrity is something very unique and respectable. Doing the right thing and standing up for yourself might not be well-accepted or easy, but at the end of the day, you will feel extremely good and proud of yourself when you look into the mirror.
  4. Independence
    As much as you like it, no one will choose to swoop in and take a stand for you unless you choose to stand up for yourself in the first place. Instead of seeking validation, standing up for yourself asserts the fact that you are a self-confident and independent woman able to take your own decisions without the help of other people.
  5. Self-worth
    The more you entertain and cater to other people’s wishes ignoring your beliefs and opinions, the more you tend to lose your identity. It is never a charming thing to let others decide for you so much that you question what your beliefs were in the first place. Keep a clear mind, follow your beliefs, stand up for yourself and be authentic.

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