Being emotionally self-sufficient might seem like an alien concept but it is one of the most effective and beautiful ways to live your life and enjoy it. Emotional dependency is common amongst people where they depend on another person too much for their happiness and feeling of content. It is when they are with another person that they can connect properly and feel complete and enjoy life as it goes on and it is great in its own ways. But being emotionally self-sufficient can have a number of perks and can make you see life in a completely different light.

Let’s talk about five reasons why you should stop being overly inclined and dependent on another person for your little pangs of joy and be emotionally self-sufficient.

  1. Best of You
    It is a myth that another person can bring out the best of you because the only person that knows you inside out is you. Every little thing that brings a smile to your face, small day to day decisions, choices, and habits – all of this is relative to whether you prefer being dependent or prefer being self-sufficient. A person who is self-sufficient emotionally can take those little decisions for themselves like what to wear, what to eat, where to spend the evening and how to spend an evening without seeking approval from someone else. Make mistakes and mess things up and with continuous dependence on your judgments and decisions, being emotionally self-sufficient undoubtedly brings out the best of you.
  2. Take charge
    Emotional as well as the financial dependency is something that every adult should try and shake off. You should be controlling the reigns of your life in every possible way and not someone else. Partners are there for support, not to dictate how you should live your life (but to ??). Emotionally self-sufficient people do not let insecurities get the best of them and tackle any kind of relationship with great maturity and positive attitude. They can be involved in a relationship and yet be completely able to take charge of things by themselves without depending on suggestions and insight from their partner. Being self-sufficient is like being the backbone in a household and knowing how to stand up for yourself alone.
  3. Responsibilities
    People will always come and go – nothing is constant and definitely not guaranteed. The only inevitable thing is change and if you are relying too much on other people to be your source of happiness, then you will have to deal with a lot more tough times. Emotionally self-sufficient people are much more practical in their approach towards relationships. They know it is not their partner’s responsibility to take care of their emotional needs all the time as they are struggling to make their ends meet too. Instead of being a liability, you should be emotionally self-sufficient and rather be a support system for each other. When you are not looking for constant assurance and approval, you can be a person with much stronger self-confidence and know how to take up responsibilities.
  4. Sorting priorities
    Being emotionally self-sufficient also helps sort out your priorities in life. When you are not biased or dependent on another person for being happy or feel content, you have a clear mind and can take proper decisions. This lets you sort out your priorities and implement them for your own good.
  5. Loving Yourself
    Above all, being emotionally self-sufficient teaches you how to love yourself. Relationships come and go, never let that be a reason for you to feel any less loved. Value yourself by placing your needs first than others.

Being emotionally self-sufficient is the key to live a successful life.

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