The concept of Evil eyes is widely popular across the globe and is generally referred to unprecedented misfortunes, ailments, and injuries caused by the envious stares or jealousy of other people. Scientifically it finds an explanation too as it is very much on the same lines of channeling a lot of negative vibe towards a person. When life is going smooth, if there is a sudden unprecedented event that makes everything go topsy-turvy and causes unnecessary delay or misfortunes in forthcoming results, elders often think it is because someone has cast an evil eye. From Indian women and babies applying kohl to the six-sided Pa Kua mirror used in Chinese households, there are quite a few said remedies to ward off evil eyes.

Let’s discuss some methods to cast off evil eyes commonly followed in India.

  • Red chilli
    Take a couple of red chilies along with some mustard seeds and rock salt. Rotate this around a possible affected person thrice in both clockwise and anti-clockwise manner top to bottom and front to back. For babies who wouldn’t stop crying and possibly affected toddlers, add a couple of hair strands of the mother. Once done rotating, put all of it on a hot plate which will thus emit fumes. It is believed if the fumes irritate your eyes and make u sneeze you were safe but if it completely burns to black without causing much discomfort or irritation, there was an evil eye and it has been warded off.
  • Rock salt
    Often adults feel sluggish, agitated and have changes in appetite for no specific reason. It is said to be caused by someone casting an evil eye. You can take some rock salt and rotate over the person’s head in a similar clockwise and anti-clockwise manner as above and then put it in a glass of water. If the salt readily immerses and dissolves, it is said that the evil eye also dissolves away along with it.
  • Coconut
    This method is used for people who have livestock or pets and think they are being affected by evil eyes. Symptoms are usually changes in appetite, sluggish nature or incessant illness. A burning coconut can be rotated above the possibly affected animal’s head to get rid of evil eyes. Simultaneously, bathing cattle, livestock or pets in water mixed with a little turmeric powder is also said to be extremely effective for the same.
  • Lemon
    Often an evil eye is cast by neighbors, visitors or work competitors. To ward off the effects, put a lemon in a transparent glass full of water and place it in a place where visitors coming to your house can see it. Change the water in the glass daily, and every week, preferably every Saturday, change the lemon too. Similarly, lemon and a couple of green chilies stitched together is another common method used to ward off evil eyes from business establishments or workplaces. Stich a few green chili and lemon using a thread and hang it in a place where it is visible, like the front door.
  • Neem or Indian Lilac
    Pregnant women are very susceptible to evil eyes and are often advised to carry a few neem leaves whenever they leave the house. On returning back home, they should burn these leaves to burn away the evil eye effects too. This is said to maintain the wellness of both mother and the baby.

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