Women in the past were too naïve and knew too little. With limited career options, they were contented even if their partners never shared housework or child-rearing. But today, women stand high having conquered every arena in career fronts. Withstanding family pressure, social customs, gender bias, and other impediments, with sheer will-power and determination, women have been competing with their male counterparts. Women Empowerment, the buzzword today is providing right platforms for women to rise to their true potential. However, there still are critical issues, like dealing with daily stress and certain emotional issues that come their way.

Here are the five leading issues women face today.

  1. Male dominanceEven today, women are considered as the weaker sex and hence are subjugated. From their very childhood days, their struggle begins. Born and brought up with the conditions that their main responsibility is to look after the house the girl never is able to think beyond. As she grows, she is forced to learn to manage the household chores. The intention of protection limits her from deciding on her future or about a career. In every phase of a woman’s life, she is dominated by a male. It is the father of childhood and a husband at youth and then her son during old age.
  2. Social pressuresFor men, career is the only domain they are fully responsible for. And for a woman, their domains are house, kids, family, apart from self. With all these, career obviously takes the back seat, especially after marriage. The reason is the compelling changing priorities. As soon as the girl reaches the marriageable age, there are pressures from the family and the society as well. Then follows the pressure to have a child and build a family. With the mounting responsibilities, a woman’s focus is only to fulfill the responsibilities.
  3. Inequality and gender bias at workplaceThe disparity in the salary structure and the responsibilities greatly matter. Women are often considered as illogical and impractical, hence are rarely found in the top positions. Decision making being one of the crucial aspects, it is always the men, who are often considered as right decision makers. Leadership being the primary mediator of power, women when excluded from decision-making and policy-making, are out of leadership roles.
  4. Self-limitations and confinesWomen having undergone the pressures and restrictions posed by the family and society since ages, are living a life with self-denials. Suppressing their interests and needs, have become their way of life. Limiting themselves for every demand, they place others needs before theirs. Providing support and being the backbone of the family they are hidden behind screens. How often it is said and believed that behind every successful man there is a woman. But none acknowledges and identifies the ability of a woman. When a woman can guide a man and make him successful, can’t she guide herself? But to do so, she has to break through the norms and her self-set limitations. If ever, there has been a debate, it is just because women have allowed men to underestimate their capabilities.
  5. Daily trade-offs between home and workKids and family come first for a woman, even if she has her dream career. A woman is always on the go struggling to strike a balance between work and home. In the process, juggling between her roles, stress, and exhaustion takes a toll on her heath, mentally and physically.

However, the above leading issues women face today can be eased out if there is a right support platform.

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