During our childhood days, most of us looked up to someone. The majority of us, looked up at heroes on televisions, let us admit. We all had wished wildly to be that superhero with that superpower – to set things right with a click of a figure, to fly like a bird. Or to stop time for a moment, or to even rewind and correct that wrong moment or the power of invisibility to know about others especially that one friend of ours who always scored more than us or would always be highlighted and appreciated.

These figures embodied all of the ideal traits that we wanted to possess for ourselves. As we grew, we learnt to shut our minds thinking it as something that is only applicable to children or childhood days. The fact is, most of us, still have these fascinations with us hidden. It is precisely those little learning for our superheroes that goes into the equation in shaping us and making us what we are today.

Here are lessons we learn from superheroes of our lives :

1. Ability to think beyond

The famous story about the training of baby elephants in the circus is a good illustration for this. They tie the baby elephants with a rope to a secure pole. The baby elephants try to break free but fail often. As it grows up, it becomes so accustomed to the tying, that it gives up and stops struggling. If only it knew how powerful, it really is, if only it realized that by the time it has grown up, even a rope “secured” to a pole can no longer contain it, then it would know what true freedom is. But it doesn’t. Just the baby elephants we as human beings, confine ourselves with our own set limitations. Superheroes teach us this important aspect of life, to break free the barriers and think beyond.

2. Builds creativity

The super powers of the superheroes give us a subtle yet strong message that nothing is impossible. We just have to train our minds, thinking differently. To think differently one has to be different from others. To be different is to come up with a unique idea. The superhero builds in us the power of creativity to imagine things differently. The power of imagination expands.

3. Motivating and Inspiring

The creative minds are always on the go, finding out new ways. The busy minds can never rest and there always is an outcome with scope for improvements. What more could be a motivation factor than the desired outcome! Inspiration is short-lived though, has the ability to prolong the motivation and keep the creative minds on toes. Kids can be the best examples. Their minds never get tired. Give them some clay, or their favourite toy, (age appropriate) and they will be busy for hours. Nothing can distract them.

4. Awakens the superhero in us

Superpower is something we all crave for, even the grownups. We wish for a miracle in our deepest minds when certain things go absurdly wrong. The fact is, there is a super power in each one of us, an unlimited power to achieve something, beyond our imagination. A little of effort and passion is what is required to awaken the superhero in us. And that superhero has powers beyond even our imagination. All it takes is a re-look, re-discover ourselves, and wake up the superhero in us.

5. A vision to life

Every superhero has fought his share of battle and he always fights good over evil. Each one of us strives to be a better person. Undoubtedly, it is the superhero in us, who is guiding us with his influencing powers echoing in our ears constantly never to give up on our dreams. Superhero unveils our true potential.

Apart from the above major ones, there are other lessons we learn from superheroes like agility, decision making, to be receptive, calm, understanding and a lot more.

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