“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  ― Paulo Coelho

How often we regret for certain things we haven’t done in life. We dwell in those moments and regrets thinking about, if I had taken some action, life could have been much better. Yes, this is a situation most of us face in lives, not once but many. Why, I keep questioning to myself, why certain things happen in our lives, what sometimes we never had wished for even in our wildest dreams, it just happens. Or we never do that one thing we wanted to do for reasons we know not. We simply fail to act. This fear, as we grow, grows with us ensnaring us in each and every thought that crops up. Encountering such little things in our daily lives, we get trapped into it so much that we allow the fear to overpower us. And each day becomes a struggle. Finally, there comes one moment, when enduring is no longer possible and that moment is what changes us and changes our lives for better.

These lines as I write now, reminds me of my past days. In my pursuit of restarting my career what I had thought could help me, failed in every way. It took me years to figure out what my needs were of my life. Now, having come a long way, I am able to reason out that it was due to my fear of insecurity I chose the wrong decision. However, I am a strong believer of nothing goes waste, rather experiences add on value to our lives. Yes, it did help me to overcome fears and emerged me as a winner.

Here are the ways to overcome fears:

  1. Stop comparing: We tend to compare ourselves with others and that is what keeps us bothering all the time. It robs us of our goals, setting our standards much lower than our capabilities.
  2. Give yourself time: Soon after acknowledging that something very wrong is going on in your life, or when you feel you are compelled to take a certain decision and you are not happy, back off. Give yourself ample time to accept the situation.
  3. Accept yourself: It’s your thoughts what matters you the most about yourself. So, stop regretting about that one decision that changed your course of life. Take it as your destiny or what it was meant to be.
  4. Filter your thoughts: Our minds are in a great turbulence for a lot of reasons. Firstly, the regrets, secondly the consequences and then, the future. As we aim for a better version of ourselves, random thoughts cross our minds. A conscious effort has to be made to keep out the negative thoughts and negative people.
  5. Keep going: This is the most difficult part of our lives. We tend to withdraw ourselves as the fear of failure engulfs us. Taking it as a part of the game, keep going.

There! You can see yourself emerging as a winner. So, go ahead and make a real change in your life and understand the true calling of your lifeLive a life of your dreams. After all, life is meant to be lived and living it to the fullest is wisdom.

Would love to know, how did you overcome fears?

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