Being stuck in a rut for a prolonged period of time really takes its toll on our life – both personally and in terms of career. Do you often find yourself stuck in a repetitive mechanical cycle where you just go about your regular day-to-day chores without any excitement or motivation? Do you often feel discontent and irritated about your current state of life and feel like you really need to break free to retain your sanctity? If you can relate to this and are struggling for a change from the ho-hum of your uneventful life, you are probably stuck in a rut. To shake off this negative monotonous everyday sequence of life, and to regain harmony, there are a few things you can do.

To unwind and get out of the rut, you can follow these five extremely effective ways.

  1. No Regrets!
    Nothing is more paralyzing for a person than regrets and negative thoughts in the road to success. Progress is synonymous with motivation. More often than not, we find ourselves engulfed in regrets or counterfactual questions and even if we try to, at times we can’t shake it off. The trick here is to learn to accept these regrets and doubts about ourselves and channelize it to our benefit. Failure is only a stepping stone to success. So instead of brooding over the negative thoughts, try to analyze why you failed instead. Learn from your faults, seek out the best possible solutions, and implement them in any similar situations in the future.
  2. Push Past Your Comfort Zone
    When you are stuck in a slump, the best way to step out of it is to first understand what is keeping you in a rut. Mostly, we get so accustomed to a familiar habitat that we find solace in it. Comfort zones are good, but not to an extent where you get stuck to it even though it is diminishing your productivity. To break free from a rut, it is essential to step out of your comfort zone first and take one step at a time towards achieving your goals.
  3. Short-term Goals
    More often than not, we are so overwhelmed by the amount of change and effort needed to turn things around in our life that we give up. We give up and sink in a little more into the rut we want to break out from. Your long term goals might be scary when you are already contemplating and might demoralize you more than motivate you at times. The best way to deal with it is to set attainable small short-term goals. This will help you break free from a rut one-step at a time without making it painfully strenuous.
  4. Self-Motivation
    Self-motivation plays an unparalleled role in helping you step out of a never-ending slump. Most of us tend to exaggerate our potential and productivity and often end up scavenging for excuses or reasons to blame our inability on. We blame circumstances or lack of opportunities for our endless rut but the truth is all we need to do is keep motivating ourselves.
  5. Mental Contrast
    Be brutally realistic about your potential and set one goal at a time keeping in mind your abilities. Mental contrasting dwelling on problems will not help unless we know how to tackle it and move past it. There is no short cut to success but perseverance and following these five steps can effectively help you break out of a rut, turn your life around and chase your dreams.

Getting out of the rut and doing what we wish keeps us motivated thereby attracting success.

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