Challenges of parenting today are a lot different than it was a decade ago. Unlike today, the word parenting never had been a topic of discussion. In the recent years, it has become a buzz word and is discussed in detail, all around. Tons and tons of information are available, though, from parenting a newborn to a toddler to teens, there still is a dearth. As said and believed every child is unique, so is parenting. And no one-size-fits-all.

The rapid growing technologies have exposed children to high-end gadgets and with access to information in just a click, their little wonder worlds too have been shrinking. Fascinating games, animated tutorials, social networking sites, youtube, and a myriad of media activities have replaced the real world with the virtual world. The ever-evolving technologies have completely overpowered the lifestyle of the people taking away the attachment and the communication shared in the family, what once was the main part of life. In the busy world, time being the main constraint, parents have been facing problems to spend time with their kids and the fallout of such a scenario is poor parenting.

However, little amendments in your parenting style can help you deal with challenges of parenting today.

  1. Schedule all the activities and adhere strictly to the rules
    Quite obviously, a child is more inclined in learning new things especially when it comes to the technology and the brain picks up the learning quickly. Before it becomes a habit set in some limitation. Allot a particular time and adhere strictly to it. Try to fit in some low-tech environment too in the routine.
  2. Close monitoring
    A close watch on the child is a must-have. You as a parent should know his circle of friends. Especially during the teen years of the child. Kids today are exposed to the outside world at a very early age. And every child has different upbringing patterns in different surroundings. The surrounding of a child being the great influence, it is imperative to know who his /her friends are. In the growing years of a child, handling teen peer pressures can be the most tough time.
  3. Set clear expectations and keep throwing challenges
    Make them clear what is expected of them. It is good to be specific as the child is always very receptive during their early years. Before the child turns into a pre-teen, it is good to induce in them that it is you who is the one to decide about his life. Encourage them to come up with their ideas. Acknowledge, appreciate and give them challenges. Empower them with appropriate freedom.
  4. Be your child’s greatest influencing factor
    Parents, teachers, friends and the ambiance around where they spend most of the times have a profound impact on the child and exert enormous influence on the development of the child. Be a role model in every little way. As rightly said, the lesson always begins from the house. A child begins his lessons imitating you.
  5. Make your child accountable. Let him experience the consequence of his actions
    No matter what the outcome of the child’s choice is, let him face it. This may come hard during the teen years of your child. But giving him an opportunity to learn is the only best way instead of shielding them with a protective future.

Summing up, our responsibility as parents is to meet our child’s emotional needs at each stage of their development and help them transit to the next stage. And there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of parenting.

Following the above simple steps raising your teenager can be an enjoyable journey.  Above all, balancing the three prevalent effective parenting styles is a much-needed element.

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