February – month of stress for students and parents

The countdown has already begun for all the students. February the month of stress has been ticking faster than usual. Especially for those who will be appearing for the twelfth boards. This phase being a very crucial phase of a child’s life is also a worrisome period for all the parents. The mounting pressure tends to strain the ambiance in the house. Children are bound by restrictions. Kids indulged in studies, 24×7 are cut off from the outside world. Watching television, meeting friends, mobile phones and access to computers are all limited. Food pattern, sleeping pattern and even the lifestyle of the family seem to see a sea change during this stipulated time. But if we take a closer look and compare it with our past days, don’t you think we are overreacting?

Scores, no doubt are important but how far does it come in our lives? Even in our professional lives, do we ever apply what we have learnt? My view is, scores just gives a boost to self-confidence which is undoubtedly important. But, it is the child’s sportive trait that leads them. Fortunate are those who have their score cards as evidence to their caliber, but what about others who are intelligent, though, but their intelligence isn’t reflected in their score cards? Do we have to categorize them as dull candidates or unsuccessful?

If we take a closer look at all the successful people, we will be pleased to know that the ones who were considered as average or below average are now in higher positions. Unaware and unmindful, we, parents, fall into the pattern of comparing kids which should be completely stopped. The basic instinct of every individual is to improve and be a better version of ourselves and be appreciated. And so, we strive and can go to any extent.

Every individual has willpower and goals but not all has the caliber to chase their dreams and achieve. The reason could be their surroundings, or their upbringing or lack of resources. However, when a favourable situation knocks at their door, they grab the opportunity and take full benefit. And these are those students who are less privileged.

Hence, looking at the bigger picture, we, parents, have to be considerate and give chances to our children and make them accountable for their decisions. They may stumble but it is definitely a ladder and a leap for their tomorrow’s achievements.

These words, as I pen them down, seem to target me in the first place than for others, because whatever I have mentioned above very much reflects me. I admit I am an arrogant and a rigid mother what I feel has to be seriously worked upon to turn out a bit softer.

What about you? Desperately want to know how is your February the month of stress ticking by?

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