This is how I am, my obsession with life
Arguments, fights, resentment, and complaints
My wants, my desires, my wishes
The cribbing, cravings, anger, and disappointment
Have all disappeared into thin air.

Days end up seeming pointless and aimless
Life, off-balance and clueless
Nothing to neither long for nor look forward to
There is neither happiness nor sorrow
Instead, dwells an unusual peace inside of me.

Was it all a dream and am I now awake
From deep slumber, I wonder
How can I be so untouched, unaware
Of my world turning upside down to this extent
It is hard to fathom what my future beholds.

The void, emptiness and lackluster
No more bothers or agitates me
No plans about future, no silent sulking
This contrast to myself, unable to accept, unable to deny
Came so gently with all its glory, without the slightest hint.

They say, experiences and aging mellow one, does it?
Is this unusual feeling, temporary?
Or Is it a transition phase?
Or is this the ultimate truth?
Why is life so elusive?

“When your contrast to yourself is neither acceptable or deniable, fret not; it comes with its own glory.” 

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