“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Each one of us strives for a better life. Self-help books, personal development workshops, and information are overloaded around us. We work on developing healthy habits, healthy routine, goal setting exercise managing time effectively, trying to bring out the best of ourselves. But sometimes life doesn’t support us with its favours.

Here are Eight signs of understanding that you are not in charge of your life.

  1. Decision making
    You depend on others to decide for you. Unable to understand the situation, you wait for others to take charge and come out with solutions for your problems. You need permission and affirmation from others to validate your thoughts. You seek their approval.
  2. Stand up for yourself
    You are unable to support yourself. Your thoughts and actions differ. The cause and consequences seem to be unpredictable. You are always unprepared for the situations.
  3. Execution of your plans of life
    You fail to execute your plans. The reason could be poor planning. Planning, being the most important task, each day has to be planned meticulously. Deadlines have to be set.
  4. You are not taken seriously
    When you feel ignored by your people around it is a sign of your poor self-esteem. Confidence boosts self-esteem. A good plan and clear goals give one high confidence about oneself.
  5. You are emotionally and financially dependent
    In today’s world, with vast exposure in various diverse fields, each one of us has potential and talent. Enormous opportunities around has to be utilized. If you find yourself unable to plan for yourself and wait for someone, or financially dependent on others it is a clear indication that you lost the control of your life.
  6. You are unsure of the future
    A responsible person has plans for his or her life. It is the responsibility of the individual to go ahead with the plans and steer the life in the direction he or she wishes. If the future is unsure, then you sure don’t have control of your thoughts and actions.
  7. Often face unpredictability
    Alongside planning is an ability to predict. Prediction helps one to be proactive. Being proactive, nothing is unpredictable. A responsible person is accountable for his or her own actions. To be predictable demands one to be on a high alert.
  8. You often feel insecure
    Willpower, confidence, commitment, hard and smart work, endurance, persistence, and control over yourself, all goes into the equation. If you feel scared of your life or your future, you sure are not able to handle your life.

Above are the traits that help you know where are you in your life. Working on the aspects can help you take charge of your life. If not you, who else can be responsible for your life? Stop being a silent spectator. Forge ahead, with small baby steps. One at a time, attach your week areas and overcome the difficulties. If worked smartly, be sure about your success. It’s high time to figure out your future.

What do you think, apart from the above help us get control of our lives? Do share your experiences and comments.

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