Feng shui practices is an age old philosophical practice which inculcates some basic and simple habits to enhance life in more ways than one. A good flow of energy and a properly organized environment can really alter the mood of a person and thus act as a catalyst to creativity and work productivity. It should come as no surprise because a good mood and a relaxed mind both are crucial to maintaining harmony and productivity in life. Feng Shui finds its place in most houses as well as workplaces owing to its simple philosophical practices which motivate you to maintain a look and feel of the place which other than being appealing is also beneficial.

Here are eight simple Feng Shui practices which you can incorporate in your daily life to make the best out of it.

  1. Entrance
    The entrance to your house is also called the mouth of chi which in other words is where opportunities come knocking. It is also the first things visitors notice and so do you when entering your house. Keeping the entrance area clean and appealing is a good way to start. Keep the paint-work appealing, replace anything broken or unnecessary, keep the entrance way well-lit etc.
  2. De-clutter
    If there are rooms or corners around your house and workplace which are extremely cluttered and look like a storm just passed by, this should be your next Feng Shui stop. Cluttering is said to stagnate the chi or energy. Piling up dirty dishes and clothes, disorganized closets and cupboards etc. are a good place to start. To ensure a good flow of energy, it is essential to set up a proper stage for good Feng Shui and that starts with clearing clutter and ensuring your house is speck clean.
  3. Furniture setup
    Setting up furniture properly is the next step to ensure good Feng Shui. Do not let any furniture big or small to block the natural walking path in between the rooms. Remove or replace furniture which has sharp edges or which can accidentally hurt you while walking around. Also, take a note not to crowd too many furniture in each or any room. Leave enough breathing space for the energy to move around.
  4. Work Desk
    If you have a work desk, it should have rounded edges and should be set up facing the doorway and not away from it. It should be preferably backed by a wall and allow your clear view of the doors and the windows in the room. This is also called the power position. It is said to enhance creativity and productivity.
  5. Doors and Drawers
    Squeaky doors and drawers or the ones that get jammed and are difficult to open should be immediately replaced or fixed. Our house is said to reflect us and Feng Shui focuses on fixing these subtle changes brought about due to our ignorance.
  6. Repair
    Leaky pipelines, faucets, broken furniture etc. should be repaired immediately. Particularly the plumbing of your house should not have any problems and if there are should be immediately fixed. It is said to bring an outflow of finances otherwise.
  7. Lighting
    Proper lighting is another crucial aspect of good Feng Shui. If there are areas or rooms in your house which have dimmed or insufficient lights, change them. Proper and bright lighting ensures a good chi.
  8. Charms and cures
    There are numerous charms and Feng Shui cures available which on proper placement in the proper corners of your house and workplace is said to bring about a noticeable change in various sectors of life.

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